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SURC Accounting


Funds can be deposited into a Club or Organization account by anyone. 

A detailed description must be provided that describes the reason for the deposit (e.g. name/purpose of a fundraiser, deposit for dues including the name(s) of who the dues apply to, etc.). This is necessary for both the SURC Accounting office as well as being helpful for tracking efforts by Clubs or Organizations.

*If a fundraiser was advertised for any specific event or reason, please inform SURC Accounting as these funds must be spent in the manner in which they were raised.

Money deposited will be counted by SURC Accounting and compared with a deposit form that will be filled out by the depositor (money can be counted prior to deposit, but the count must be transferred to the deposit form). Any differences will be resolved prior to SURC Accounting accepting any deposits.

Any foreign currency will be removed from the deposit and will not be included in the club deposit.  Club and Organization ledgers will be adjusted accordingly.

A goldenrod copy of a deposit slip will be given to the depositor at the end of the transaction that will list the amount deposited, a description of what the deposit is for, a signature verifying the deposits accuracy, and the updated balance for the Club or Organizations account.

Funds are available to Club/Organizations immediately upon deposit into SURC Accounting.

Any NSF (Non Sufficient Funds) checks that are returned will be deducted from the available balance in the Club/Organization account. An e-mail will also be sent to the Club to alert them of the adjustment of their account.


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