SURC Accounting

Cash Advances

Funds can be released from a Club or Organization account for an advance. To complete a cash advance a cash withdrawal form must be completed.

*If the purpose of the advance is to pay for a personal service, or payment to an individual please speak with SURC Accounting as payment may need to be completed via a check cut by the University in addition to other required documents.

To be advanced funds, a statement to receive check/cash advance must be filled out. This form indicates the reason for the advance, where and how the funds are to be used, the amount of the advance that is being requested, and the date of travel or event. The form is signed indicating their understanding that they are responsible for receipts1 and any unused funds must be returned to SURC Accounting within 7 days of the event or return from travel.

To authorize the release of funds, two Club/Organization signatories must approve the withdrawal. The cash withdrawal form will stay in the SURC Accounting office as the signatories must be verified with photo identification (Government ID or CWU Connection Card) against the signatory list held in the Club/Organization file in SURC Accounting. 

The individual receiving cash must be identified prior to the second club authorization signature. The recipient must provide identification as well to be verified against the name indicated on the withdrawal form.

When 7 days have passed after the event or travelers have returned from their destination, receipts must be turned in to SURC Accounting to justify the withdrawal. Please attach receipts to 8.5x11 piece of paper if there are multiple receipts (do not cover information with tape, as it will cause information to fade).

Any unused funds must be re deposited into the Club/Organization account. Please notify if the accounting clerk the deposit is from an earlier advance for reconciliation purposes as unused funds are deposited separate from other funds to ensure recovery of the advanced funds and to assist in tracking account activity.

Clubs/Organizations that have overdue receipts will not be allowed to initiate additional advances until receipts have been submitted – long term overdue receipts can result in a Club or Organization’s account being frozen.

Example of a completed Statement to Receive a Cash Advance (blue areas indicate completion by Club/Organizations):


Example of a completed Cash Advance Withdrawal Form (blue areas indicate completion by the Club/Org):

NOTE: There is a $200.00 cash withdrawal limit per day, per Club/Organization. If the amount of advance is larger than this, a check can be cut and mailed to the individual, which requires a 3 day processing period after all club signatories have signed and adequate documentation is received. Check advances require the same detail and procedures as a cash advance.

1A receipt is any document that shows a charge that needs to be paid and proof of completion of the payment (e.g. credit/debit card charge, $0.00 ending balance, etc.)