Student Union & Recreation Center (SURC)
SURC Room 146

Once you have completed the form below, your request will be submitted to the President's Office for review and approval. A letter authorizing or denying the service of alcholic beverages on the Ellensburg campus will be sent to you as the event sponsor, as well as the Scheduling Center and Campus Police. If approved, the letter will provide the link to the appropriate WLCB webpage for licensing.

PLEASE NOTE: Alcohol service is not allowed on campus before 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

For licensed server permission, please provide the name and contact info of the business providing the service.
Please explain how you will mitigate high-risk drinking if approval to serve is given. (Example: Alcohol service will be limited to 2-3 drinks per person; staff will be trained in signs of intoxication and service refusal skills, etc.)
Please give rationale as to why it is important to serve alcoholic beverages at this event.
What type of planned security arrangements have you made?