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Student Success

Student Technology Fee Council

The Student Technology Fee Council reports to the Dean of Student Success. 

Purpose: This council provides and maintains services for general student use(s) that include, but need not be limited to: access to the internet and world wide web, e-mail, computer and multimedia work stations and laboratories, computer software, and dial-up telephone services.


Member TypePositionMember NameTerm Ends
VotingFaculty-1John Anvik06/30/2016
VotingFaculty-2Ian Loverro06/30/2016
VotingFaculty (alternate)Vacant06/30/2014
VotingStudentRobert Moser, Chair06/30/2014
VotingStudentKyle Perra, Co-Chair06/30/2014
VotingStudentLane Roberts06/30/2014
VotingStudentMatthew Saboda06/30/2014

Student Tech Fee Funding Request Form

Application for Technology Fee Committee Service

Minutes for 2013-2014