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Student Health and Wellness

To ensure that the well-being of our students is paramount in everything we do, CWU is taking the step of elevating campus health and wellness programs. This reorganization within Student Success and under the Dean of Student Success will result in a new unit consisting of the CWU Student Medical and Counseling Clinic, the Wellness Center, and the Department of Recreation that will report to an Associate Dean of Health and Wellness. This new position is funded from vacancies and does not require the commitment of additional resources. The university will conduct a national search for the new position, which is expected to be filled in the fall.

Making health and wellness a higher priority for the institution not only establishes a foundation of student excellence, but also recognizes the increasingly important role health and wellness play in our students’ lives. By reorganizing health and wellness programs into a single unit with greater visibility, CWU places new and greater emphasis on these areas and makes our health and wellness programs more accessible to our students.

The goals of this new direction include:
  • Recognizing that wellness is one of the foundations for excellence: Consolidating our health and wellness programs into a single unit creates more opportunities for cooperation, which can only benefit students.
  • Elevating the role health and wellness play in fostering student excellence: We know that students who are able to address their mental and physical health needs function at a higher level.
  • Better educating our students: Students will learn that being active, engaged consumers of health and wellness resources will improve their lives.
  • Transitioning from simply treating illnesses to establishing an integrated wellness model that is multi-dimensional, holistic, and self-directed: This process includes educating students about healthy habits that will benefit them not only during their college careers, but also as they move into the work force and beyond.
Learning to live a healthy lifestyle is among the most important lessons we can impart to our students. Our primary goal in implementing these changes is to nurture and nourish healthy students who leave Central better for their experiences.

The Associate Dean of Health and Wellness position is under a national search.


Jenna Hyatt's PictureJenna Hyatt, Ed.D.
Interim Associate Dean for Student Health and Wellness



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