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Student FAQ's

Can I find out how my son or daughter is doing academically or if he or she has been in trouble?
First, make sure there is a release of information form (Adobe pdf) signed by your student. After the Student Affairs office receives the completed form, you can learn how your student is doing. The form will be valid either for the year or until graduation.

I am too ill to attend class. I need help contacting my professors. Who can help me?
We will contact your professors or leave a message for you. Please get in touch with them when you feel better. Remember it is your responsibility to maintain contact with your professors.

I have a hold on my account, what do I have to do?
For academic or disciplinary holds, contact Student Affairs at 963-1515. For other holds, contact the department that placed the hold on your account.

I do not want any information released about me for any reason. How do I get that to happen?
Complete a non-disclosure form and take it to the Student Affairs office.

I have a complaint about CWU, who do I talk to?
Call Student Affairs at 963-1515.

How do I find out basic information about CWU such as size and number of faculty.
Go to CWU Institutional Research.

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