Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities
Bouillon Hall 205

Campus Resources

As a CWU student, there are many resources available to you within our campus community. You are encouraged to utilize these services as often as you need to. If you are unsure of what you need, don't hesitate to give our office a call and we will work with you to find the right resource. 

  • Dean of Student Success

    Dean of Student Success

    The Dean of Student Success provides educationally purposeful programs, events, services and activities that promote academic, personal and professional growth within and beyond the classroom.

  • University Police & Parking Services

    University Police & Parking Services

    The University Police and Parking Services goal is to provide a safe and secure learning environment for our community through education and enforcement.

  • Equal Opportunity

    Equal Opportunity

    The Office for Equal Opportunity promotes and supports the university's commitment to develop an inclusive and diverse community of students and employees by: 1) ensuring compliance with federal, state, and institutional anti-discrimination laws, policies and procedures, and reporting requirements; 2) resolving and investigation complaints of illegal discrimination; 3) and providing assistance to administrators, departments, and groups in relation to affirmative action, equal opportunity, and diversity.

  • Disability Services

    Disability Services

    Disability Services, in partnership with the university community, is dedicated to creating an inclusive university culture that celebrates diversity and provides individuals with disabilities an equal opportunity to fully participate in and benefit from all aspects of the employment and education environment.

  • Wellness Center

    Wellness Center

    The Wellness Center works to promote positive health behaviors, prevent negative consequences associated with high-risk behavior, and encourage the social connections that support student success by: 1) providing power-based personal violence prevention, education and response services; 2) promoting positive mental health and suicide prevention; 3) providing positive education and resources to promote positive health behaviors; 4) and reducing negative consequences associated with alcohol and other substance use.

  • Student Medical & Counseling Clinic

    Student Medical & Counseling Clinic

    The Student Medical & Counseling Clinic is committed to meeting students needs in a positive, proactive, and cost-efficient manner with quality up-to-date services.

  • Residence Life/University Housing

    Residence Life/University Housing

    The Office of University Housing and New Student Programs develops premier residential communities and programs that promote student learning and personal development.

  • Center for Diversity & Social Justice

    Center for Diversity & Social Justice

    The Center for Diversity & Social Justice is committed to academic excellence, inclusivity, diversity and social justice, which serves to create and sustain an exemplary climate. The Center works to promote equity, respect and social justice through programs, structures, outreach and participation in the curricular, co-curricular lives of students, faculty and staff.

  • Center for Leadership & Community Engagement

    Center for Leadership & Community Engagement

    Through purposeful programs and services, the Center for Leadership and Community Engagement promotes and facilitates leadership learning grounded in the following core curriculum: 1) Character and Ethics of Leadership; 2) Leadership Skill Development; 3) and Servant Leadership.

  • Academic Advising

    Academic Advising

    The Academic Advising office at Central is here to help incoming Freshman and undeclared students through the General Education program.

  • ResNet/IT


    ResNet provides internet services and related technical support to all residence halls and campus apartments.

  • Annual Security & Fire Safety Report

    Annual Security & Fire Safety Report

    The Annual Security and Fire Safety report is provided in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. This report describes the university's safety experience and informs the community about important procedures, policies, prevention programs, and statistics related to the university.