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Central Washington University

Student Mobile Charging Station locations

Charging Station locations

  • Bouillon 1st floor by computer Kiosk (ordered by Student Success)
  • Bouillon 2nd floor across form Student Success offices (ordered by Student Success)
  • SURC 1st Floor next to Info Booth by bench (ordered by Student Success)
  • SURC 2nd floor lobby by East bathrooms¬† in seating area (Student Success)
  • Library in the ARC 1st floor in study area east side of room (Student Success)
  • Library 2nd floor in the fish bowl study area (free standing west side of room) (Tech fee)
  • Randall-Michaelsen 2nd floor Breeze-way coffee bar area next to computer Kiosk (Tech fee)
  • Michaelsen 1st floor student study & waiting area east end of building (Tech fee)¬†
  • Music Building 1st floor Student lounge right inside door (Tech fee)
  • Dean Hall 2nd floor study area across form the student computer lab in 210 (Tech fee)
  • Dining Services #1 Holmes 1st floor SURC far south end of space (Tech fee)
  • Dining Services #2 Holmes 1st floor SURC next to East side coffee bar on table (Tech fee)
  • Shaw/Smyser 2nd floor free standing in student waiting area (Tech fee)
  • Lynnwood Center (EdCC) free standing unit in the computer lab area (Tech fee)
  • Des Moines Center (Highline CC) free standing unit not sure on the location (Tech fee)

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