Transactions & Forms

Expense forms are used in the event that money is being released from a Club/Organization account in a non-cash transaction.

To authorize the release of funds, two Club/Organization signatories must approve the transaction. The expense form will stay in the SURC Accounting office as the signatories must be verified with photo identification.

Check Requests:

Check requests are paid via an invoice or other approved backup document, and are paid directly to the vendor. Once a second signatory has authorized the transaction for the correct amount and all required backup documentation has been received, it will take roughly 3 business days to cut the check. Normal mailing times apply past this processing timeline.

Attachments can be sent with the check in the event that additional information (such as registration information) needs to be sent as well. Please alert SURC Accounting if additional attachments will be included to ensure they reach their destination.

Scheduling Center Charges:

The CWU Scheduling Center rents rooms and equipment to Clubs in order to hold club meetings or host larger events. To pay for these services, a contract with the estimated cost will need to be obtained from Scheduling (this lists both the price and reference information).

The contract should be brought to SURC Accounting from the Scheduling Center to encumber the funds to ensure payment upon completion of the event.

When final billing is received, the estimate will be adjusted to reflect the final billed price.

Motorpool Charges:

CWU Motorpool rents vehicles to CWU departments including Clubs and Organizations for various Club/Organization related activities. To ensure that a vehicle is available for your event, please be sure to reserve your vehicle well in advance of travel.

In order to reserve a Motorpool vehicle you must first complete an expense form in the SURC Accounting office. SURC Accounting will create an estimate of the cost of the trip and encumber the funds to ensure full payment when the final bill is posted.

Once an expense form is completed and two signatories have approved the expense, SURC Accounting will submit the online reservation form and then electronically approved it. This generates an email to the trip leader. Trip leaders must check their CWU email account for the confirmation email with the reservation number. Provide this number to Motorpool when picking up the vehicle.

*Note that some vehicles may require additional training in order to reserve the vehicle. Please speak with CWU Motorpool to ensure all requirements are completed prior to travel.

When the final billing is received from the trip, the amount encumbered in your ledger will be adjusted to reflect the final billing amount.

Duplicating/Publicity Charges:

Duplicating and Publicity offer a variety of printing and design opportunities for Club/Organization activities or advertising. To ensure that there is adequate time to prepare the requested productions, please contact the Duplicating/Publicity office at least several weeks before the event and request an estimate of costs.

The estimate should be brought to SURC Accounting to encumber the funds. Two signatories will need to sign the expense form.

  • For Publicity, we will need a copy of the publicity request form (the Club receives a 50% discount on all purchases). This can be found and completed on the Publicity Website. This will be an estimate as prices may fluctuate. Upon final billing, the amount listed in the ledger will be adjusted to reflect the final price.
  • For Duplicating, a sheet detailing the charges should be given to the Club/Organization which should include the price. This will be the final charge.

*Note: No service should be started prior to completing an expense form in the SURC Accounting office to ensure the expense is authorized as well as confirming the availability of funds in the account.

Charge/Credit (FundsTransfer):

Clubs and Organizations can transfer funds between Clubs to support activities or to reimburse CWU departmental support. In order to do this a charge/credit is created.

To issue the charge/credit, two signatories will need to authorize the transaction via an expense form in the SURC Accounting office.

  • If the transfer is to a Club or Organization, please indicate which Club/Organization Name.
  • To reimburse a CWU Department a departmental contact will need to be given to coordinate the appropriate backup.

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