Open Doors to Financial Support

When considering funding opportunities through SURC accounting at CWU, you're opening doors to financial support for CWU related initiatives.

The accounting department oversees the allocation of funds for student-driven projects, events, and programs that enhance the campus community. By engaging with the application process and adhering to guidelines, you can access the resources necessary to bring your creative ideas to life and contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of the university. Discover the potential within SURC accounting's general funding to make a positive impact on campus.

Interested in requesting funds?

Step 1: Fill out this form online and print a copy. (S&A Supplemental Request)

Click below to see what each source can reimburse.

Step 2: Deliver a copy of your printed form to SURC Accounting. (SURC 263)

Step 3: After review of the submission, you will receive an email containing the date and time you are scheduled to present to the funding source(s), as well as other instructions to follow (e.g., Set-up meeting with Student Engagement Coordinator, fill out Intent to Travel Form, etc.).

Step 4: During the meeting with the Student Engagement Coordinator, there will be a time to pre-purchase travel expenses (airfare, lodging, registration, etc.) using the Student Engagement Coordinator’s credit card.

Step 5: Collect all itemized receipts (breakdown of each item purchased) from purchases that wish to be reimbursed in your travel group and submit them all to SURC Accounting.

Step 6: Group members will receive an email with detailed instructions about submitting an online expense report. The sooner a student can submit the expense report, the sooner they can be reimbursed.

Step 7: Get paid!

Note: All reimbursements must have itemized receipt backup. Save your receipts!

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