Online Travel Authorization – If you are traveling out of state, an online travel authorization must be completed. Please e-mail or visit the SURC Accounting office to discuss what information is needed and receive instructions on how to process the travel authorization. If there are multiple travelers, a list of student ID numbers and phone numbers will be required.

Online Travel Report – If you are receiving a reimbursement for travel expenses, an online travel report will be required to receive your reimbursement. Receipts are required for reimbursement, make sure you save the receipts for the expenses you will be reimbursed for. Please send an e-mail or come into SURC Accounting to receive instructions on how this is completed.

Mileage Calculator – If funds are being reimbursed for travel based on mileage, the travel website's mileage calculator must be used to calculate the amount for reimbursement. Please visit the Traveler Responsibility site and navigate to the “Mileage and Vehicle Rentals” section for the most current Mileage Calculator Excel sheet.

Guest Speaker/Personal Services

A-19 – If an Invoice is not supplied by the Guest Speaker, an A-19 must be completed. SURC Accounting must receive the original prior to submitting payment.

W-9 – This form is required for tax reporting. SURC Accounting must receive the original prior to submitting payment.

Personal Services Agreement – If you wish to bring in a guest speaker or performer, start by speaking to someone in SURC Accounting. SURC Accounting will coordinate with the Contracts Office, which will provide guidance through the contracting process. A contract is required for services over $10,000 and may be required for services under $10,000. Whether you use the CWU standard agreement form, or a contract provided by the service provider/performer, any contract that requires a signature on behalf of CWU must first be reviewed and approved by the Contracts Office. Once the contract is approved, the Contracts Office will determine who the appropriate Contracting Authority is and will obtain that person’s signature.

Signatory List – Club and Organization expense transactions require a minimum of two signatories. Make sure to have at least two signatories on the list prior to turning in the form (the more signatories there are, the easier it will be to complete a transaction). Check the box at the top indicating where funds will be transferred to if a club or organization should disband or fail to be recognized for 3 consecutive years. SURC Accounting requires that the signatures be original and written in black or blue ink.

Lost Receipt Form – A lost receipt form completed by a club will result in a warning for the first and second occurrences. After a third submission of a lost receipt form, the Club/Organization will be on probationary status and cash advances will NOT be available to the Club or Organization for the remainder of the academic quarter. Please see Receipt/Documentation Policy below for more information.

Receipt/Documentation Policy - A quick reference for documentation requirements and details of the results for failure to supply receipts.

Deposit Slip – In order to help make the deposit counts easier, we have provided a form that you can print out yourself. Please bring this slip in with your deposit to verify counts or you may complete one in our office.

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