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The Wildcat Leadership Academy (WLA) is designed to allow students to demonstrate leadership competence in four WLA pillars: Foundations of Leadership, Health & Wellness, Civic Engagement, and Professional Development. Each pillar represents a different area of leadership and together they help guide students to more holistic approach to leadership.

SLICE believes that everyone is capable of being a leader in all areas of life. Through the 4 pillars, students will learn how to explore their personal leadership style, learn to challenge themselves, and apply academic concepts to their professional practice.

Complete all Four of the WLA Pillars

Information about each pillar.
  • Foundations of Leadership

    Students will explore their individual leadership style and learn to apply leadership concepts in their professional context. Active leadership involves learning the social dynamics that benefit and effect members of the community. This pillar combines individual exploration, strategies to be an active team member by learning to honor indidividuals different than themselves, and strategies to demonstrate leadership in group dynamics.


    1. Attend 1 Wildcat Leadership Academy hosted "Foundations of Leadership" Event
    2. Attend 1 qualifying "Foundations of Leadership" Event from a CWU campus partner or another SLICE hosted event (search tags "WLA Foundations of Leadership Partner" for qualifying events on Presence)
    3. Academic Connection: Visit on of your professors during their office hours. Complete the form on Presence to demonstrate that you have completed this requirement
  • Health & Wellness

    Students will learn to explore their own well-being, personal growth, and self-awareness through various wellness themes and topics (such as personal strength, social equity, self-care and justice). The Health & Wellness pillar incorporates the Dimensions of Wellness such as emotional, spiritual, financial, intellectual, physical, social and enviornmental needs, which help maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. By addressing those areas of wellness, students will learn to understand their needs clearly and will be able to communicate them more efficiently. Understanding our own needs is crucial to working in teams, and as a leader because it helps bridge gaps of the unknown and can help strengthen relationships.


    1. Attend 1 Wildcat Leadership Academy hosted "Health & Wellness" Event
    2. Attend 1 qualifying "Health & Wellness" Event from a CWU campus partner or another SLICE hosted event (search tags "WLA Health & Wellness Partner" for qualifying events on Presence)
    3. Join at least 1 student club or organization for at least 3 months (must be an active member within Presence)
  • Civic Engagement

    Students will actively engage in various service projects to make a difference in the civic life of the Ellensburg and CWU communities. This pillar encourages students to develop an understanding of systemic equity and justice, honoring a commitment to help achieve a society that values and serves all communities, and the importance of active leadership. Students will learn skills, knowledge, and strategies to make a difference in our community.


    1. Attend 1 Wildcat Leadership Academy hosted "Civic Engagement" Event
    2. Attend 1 qualifying "Civic Engagement" Event from a CWU campus partner or another SLICE hosted event (search tags "WLA Civic Engagement Partner" for qualifying events on Presence)
    3. Complete at least 10 hours of community service through SLICE (must be acknowledged and recorded on Presence)
  • Professional Development

    Students will explore their professional interests, learn tangible skills to contribute to career readiness, communication skills, time management, and leadership strategies to infuse into their professional practice. This pillar focuses on include resume building with Career Services, professional equity, and social justice leadership that allows students to explore learning by embracing discomfort as they grow into leaders. Additionally, students will learn to embrace discomfort, build a deeper connection to their identities and honor all groups. By learning about social power, dominant and non-dominant identities students will develop awareness of their role in social dynamics and how to provide leadership while navigating said dynamics.


    1. Attend 1 Wildcat Leadership Academy hosted "Professional Development" Event
    2. Attend 1 qualifying "Professional Development" Event from a CWU campus partner or another SLICE hosted event (search tags "WLA Professional Development Partner" for qualifying events on Presence)
    3. Utilize the "Resume Review" service through Career Services and complete the form on Presence to fulfill this requirement.

Wildcat Leadership Academy Workshops

SLICE offers a variety of workshops that we can facilitate for student groups and CWU departments.

To request, fill out a form, and please schedule workshops at least two weeks in advance. The leadership team will respond to all requests within two business days. Workshops are offered in person typically in the SURC. We are happy to book a space and host groups of up to 20 or fewer.

If you have any questions about any of our workshops, please email slice@cwu.edu to schedule a brief consultation. We can work together to identify the best workshop(s) to meet your group's goals.

Request Here!

Available Workshops

Lead with Confidence: Unlocking Your Leadership Style

This hands-on workshop will help you define and hone your unique leadership style. Through interactive activities and discussions, you will explore the essential leadership components and identify the strengths you use to lead teams, organizations, and projects effectively. You'll learn practical strategies for applying your style to difficult situations and leave the workshop feeling confident in your ability to lead.

Collaborating for Success: a Team-Building Workshop

This interactive workshop explores the fundamentals of working together in a team environment, from building trust and communication skills to developing positive relationships and fostering collaboration and problem-solving techniques. Participants will come away with tips, tools, and strategies to help grow their team, as well as increased appreciation and understanding of the strengths and challenges that come with team collaboration.

The Art of Intelligent Thinking: Enhancing Critical Thinking and Emotional Intelligence

This workshop is designed to equip participants with the essential tools for critical thinking and developing strong emotional intelligence. Through lively discussion and engaging activities, participants will learn to identify thought patterns, develop active listing and problem-solving skills, analyze problems and make better decisions in challenging situations.

Ignite Your Habits: Establishing Routines for Long-Term Success

This workshop is designed to help students get rid of negative habits and to create new, positive habits that will lead to long-term success. Through interactive lectures and discussion, students will gain knowledge, develop self-awareness and create concrete plans to put their new habits into practice.

All classes are 60 minutes long.

All CWU students are welcome to join the Wildcat Leadership Academy (WLA). For more information on upcoming events, joining WLA, and more email us at slice@cwu.edu or follow us on social media!

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