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Westside Student Life

Lynnwood Student Staff

Students of CWU-Lynnwood experience support in strengthening their communities through Campus Activities Team events that foster creativity, unity and connections with staff and campus resources. Through these actions, we promote diversity and exemplify CWU’s core values. 

Meet our CATS Team 

Name: Dung Pham (Sophie) 

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) 

Minor: Sociology and Human Resource Management

Name: Savila Bolat (Savila)

Major: Accounting and Finance 

Name: Binh Ai Luong (Vickie) 

Major: Accounting 

Name: Nhat Hoang Nguyen (Lewis)

Major: Supply Chain Managment 

Minor: Economy 

Name:Vanroth Peou (Vanroth) 

Major: ITAM Specialize in Cybersecurity 




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