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Our goal is to provide avenues for personal, professional, intellectual, and social growth in an ever-expanding collaborative environment.

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement strives to create a holistic collegiate experience through co-curricular student club and organization focused opportunities that foster passion exploration, leadership development and the cultivation of habits of lifelong learning.

For a list of clubs visit CWU's club database on Presence

  • Need to register a new club? Check out our Policy & Recognition page for all information on starting up a new organization. Please contact for more details on starting a new club!
  • Need Presence system support? Visit the 'Presence Supplemental Materials Page' presence supplemental materials for useful guide documents and video walkthroughs to help you navigate the system.
  • Please see the Club Events page Club Events page for information and tips for planning events and meetings.

Registered Student Organizations (RSO) Handbook: RSO Handbook (PDF)

Support and management of Registered Student Organizations is primarily overseen by Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement (SLICE), with support from the Diversity and Equity Center, Campus Recreation, Westside Student Life, and faculty/staff advisors of RSOs.

Recent RSO Council Events

Renewal for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) for 2023-2024

  • Renewal Overview

    • Renewal is the process to register your student organization each year.
    • This process tells us how many RSOs are at CWU and how many students are involved in them.
    • It also ensures the next group of officers for each RSO have access to their organizational page in Presence.

  • What do I need for renewal?

    Be ready to have prepared:

    • Roster of members: Full, updated roster with all officers and all members involved for next year.
    • Club Constitution: You will need the most updated version. Contact SLICE if you need help locating the most recent version.
    • Organizational updates: Anything that might have changed this past year (contact information, description, meeting times, photos, etc.)

  • Who should complete renewal?

    • On May 30th after 5pm, all RSO officers will receive an automatic email from Presence stating: "It's time to transition your organization". (Rather than clicking the link within the email, please login to Presence to get to the transition screen.)
    • ONE outgoing/current officer should login to Presence to complete the transition for their organization.
    • Transition = Renewal. Renewal refers to the process of re-registration, transition is what Presence calls the physical action of renewing.

  • When should I be ready for this?

    May 30th 2023 is when renewal will begin and your officers will receive an email stating its time to transition.

    • All events for the remainder of the quarter (occurring between May 31-June 9) must be registered by May 30th at 3pm.

    You will be able to submit a transition for renewal in Presence starting May 30th at 5pm, and you will have until July 28th at 5pm to do so.

    • The last day to submit a transition in Presence will be July 28th at 5pm. Renewal submissions will NOT be accepted after this date.
    • RSOs that fail to submit a transition by July 28th at 5pm will no longer be active student organizations.
    • You must START your renewal no later than July 28th, and you must also FINISH your club's renewal no later than October 4th.
  • How do I complete renewal for my RSO?

    Be ready with all materials, including fully updated roster, most recent constitution, and any other changes to your organization's page.

    • After May 30th at 5pm, login to Presence.
    • Login to the admin dashboard > organizations.
    • Click the 3 vertical dots next to your org's name > "TRANSITION".
    • You will be taken to a form to update the roster, upload the constitution, and make any other changes.
    • Click "submit for approval."
    • Follow up with SLICE! Send us an email to keep track of changes needed and include new officers.
  • I submitted my transition for renewal. Now what?
    Your transition form must be approved in Presence by SLICE in order for your RSO to finish renewal and be active for 2023-2024.
    • After you complete all fields in the transition form, scroll to the top & click "submit for approval" and wait for the page to finish loading. *We will not see your submission otherwise.*
    • SLICE will reach out with any edits or changes needed to the constitution or transition form.
    • Please monitor your CWU email after you submit for approval and over the summer for changes.
    • If we reach out with edits or changes, we will tell you exactly how to go in and edit them.
    • SLICE staff will approve your submission in Presence once it is complete. We will also send you an email confirming that your RSO is finished renewal.
    • You must START your renewal no later than July 28th, and you must also FINISH your club's renewal no later than October 4th.
    Please do not wait until the last minute or the day of the deadlines! Please help us help you and your club.

    Always feel free to follow up with SLICE by sending us an email at to inquire about the status of your RSO's renewal and start an email chain for consistent communication.

  • What if no one runs for officer positions/there is no one to take over my club?

    • Remember that a club is a group of students with a common interest, and clubs need to have students involved in order to be active.
    • Talk to SLICE!
    • We understand that students have many responsibilities at this time of year, but if you are unable to meet the deadlines or minimum membership, please reach out to us to come up with an action plan for your club.
    • Students come and go, and clubs can always be re-registered with a new group of students.

Organization Councils

Equity and Service Organizations
CWU Equity Organizations are Student Groups that represent specific cultural populations, and/or serve to advocate for general equity, diversity, and Inclusivity. CWU Organizations are supported by the Diversity & Equity Center and the ASCWU Vice President of Equity and Community Affairs. Find more information on ASCWU's Website.
  • Equity & Service Organizations are supported by the Diversity and Equity Center and ASCWU Director of Multicultural Affairs.
  • Equity & Service Organizations are Registered Student Organizations that represent, serve, and advocate for specific populations. The organization must be able to articulate how it meets the shared mission of advocating for equity, diversity, and Inclusivity.
  • In order to transition an RSO into an organization under the Equity & Services Council, the organization must be an active, registered organization for one academic year. A representative from the organization must attend and be an active member in the Equity & Service Council weekly meetings as a non-voting member for a full academic year. (This process may be done simultaneously, an organization may apply and complete the process to become an ESC organization within their first registered, active year).
Sport Club Council
CWU Collegiate Sport Clubs are Student Groups centered around regular practices with the goal of competing in exhibitions, competitions, and tournaments on an inter-collegiate level. CWU Sport Clubs are supported by the CWU Recreation Department. Find more information on Recreation's Website.

In order to become a Sport Club, the organization’s mission and purpose must be directly relate to the desired competitive sport. Students must demonstrate a desire for competition and work with CWU Recreation to establish the possibility of transitioning into a CWU Sport Club.

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