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Student Involvement


The Office of Student Involvement enriches students' university experience by providing a diverse array of programs and learning opportunities that are vital and integral to the university community and its educational mission. Student Involvement accomplishes this through active commitment to four CORE values:

CONNECTION. Community is the most important part of the CWU experience for our students. We believe that a connection to where you live and learn as well as a sense of belonging is an important aspect of being a Wildcat.

At CWU “connection” means that students have an opportunity to find their place of belonging and make meaningful connections with other students, staff and faculty.

OPPORTUNITY. Engagement, by definition, is not something that can be accomplished alone or created by an individual. We believe it is important that students have opportunities with others whose personalities, beliefs, and cultures, are different from their own.

At CWU “opportunity” means that students will have intentional conversations with other students, staff, faculty, and leaders in the Wildcat community.

REFLECTION. The CWU community is continually impacted by individual decisions and actions. We believe that inquiry and critical thinking play an important role in shaping congruence between behaviors and beliefs.

At CWU “reflection” means that students will have an opportunity to process and make meaning of their student involvement experience.

EMPOWERMENT. A fully developed student involvement process includes all of its members taking ownership and being invested in creating a space that is welcoming and inviting for all. We believe that being in relationship with others leads to communities of empowerment, meaningful dialogue, and a sense of belonging.

At CWU “empowerment” means that students actively participate in the community and are catalysts for change.


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