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Please fill in the information below.

If you would like to print this form for your records:

  • Before you fill out the webform, click on the printer icon at the very bottom of the form.
  • Once you click on that, fill out the form.
  • Before you click "submit", go to "File" "Print", or hold "Ctrl" + "P" together and that will bring up the print window.
  • Once they print the form and it looks correct, then finish submitting the form by clicking the "submit" button on the bottom of the form on the page.

Job Title
Use a title which describes the nature and level of work performed, something the student would want to do. In the title make sure to include if it is an ongoing pool or work study.

Job Summary (Purpose)
Why does this job exist? How can this position offer the most benefit to the department? Example: This position is critical for the success of the department in ________
How does this work affect institutional success?

  • One or two sentences summarizing the primary function and general purpose of this job. (It may be helpful to write the position summary after defining the essential responsibilities of the position).

Support the Center for Teaching and Learning Assessment Specialist with evaluations and assessments. List essential duties and responsibilities in descending order of importance. Use clear and concise language; closely related duties should be grouped together in one responsibility statement. Avoid gender-based language.  Start with an ACTION VERB, then describe WHAT the student hourly will do.

Prepare as directed tables, graphs, models, presentation slides, and assist with written deliverables.

Educational Benefits
How will this work support the student’s education and future? Use our Transferable Skills List or use the resource.

  • Identify skills that the student will develop in this position. We are encouraging supervisors, Departments, and students to use the “skills language” because it is a lifelong language the student will use in resume writing, job search, and interviews.

Skills to be developed in this position: written and verbal communication, customer service, planning, organizing, team-player, attention-to-detail.

Job Duties (Essential Functions)
Example: Oversee equipment room operation so that ________

Minimum Qualifications (Skills Needed)
(Work Study Only? Y or N)

  • Identify the knowledge, skills, and/or abilities required to perform the essential job responsibilities and duties competently.

Applicants should possess knowledge of the structure and content of English language including the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar; knowledge of (and/or willingness to learn) simple descriptive statistics and their applications. Basic skill sets include the ability to communicate effectively in writing; analyze written information and ideas; use mathematics to analyze data; use sound reasoning to identify strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems.

  • If you want only a Work-Study eligible student to apply it should be stated.

MUST be Work-Study eligible to apply for this position. Please ensure that you have a Federal Work-Study award as part of your financial aid package by checking at
State if you want a student with a particular major, previous work experience, class standing, or degree level.

Preferred Qualifications
List any preferred qualification statements which indicate “it would be a plus if” or “preference given to students who”

See Wage Scale at this link
Minimum wage is $11.00

Hours Per Week
• Consider how many hours you need the student to work. State how many hours a week you need the student and state if they are flexible hours.

Per Week

Example: 10-15 flexible hours per week M-F (between the hours of 8-5) or needed M,W,& F (mornings from 8-12).

Working Conditions
Identify any working conditions and physical demands which relate to the essential functions of the position. This information is requested to ensure that position descriptions, when necessary, include appropriate language about the physical requirements of the job for monitoring compliance with the ADA. Could include statements about having to work outside in inclement weather; working around small children who frequently have colds, etc.,

Work conditions require the student employee be able to lift approximately 35lbs. at regular intervals or ability to ensure delivery and storage of packages of up to 50-pounds to various offices on campus.

More Examples:

Office/Clerical Positions:
Work is performed in an indoor office setting with frequent in-person interactions.  It is essential to be able to remain at a desk/computer work station for prolonged periods of time, perform extensive data entry and other computer-related tasks and create/maintain filing systems for departmental records.  Some evening or weekend work and/or occasional travel may be required.

Facilities-Related Positions:
This position may work indoors and outdoors, at times in hot/cold/noisy/dirty/wet/confined areas such as mechanical rooms, manholes and excavations, and may need to physically access work areas with the equipment and tools necessary for completion of the job.  This often requires standing/crawling/bending/walking/climbing while carrying/pulling/pushing/lifting associated with equipment or tools.  Occasional overtime is required and shift work may be required.  May need to drive a service vehicle in congested areas.

Dining-Related Positions:
Work is performed primarily indoors, at times in hot/cold/noisy/wet areas with some exposure to hazardous equipment and products.  Working in temperatures from 0 degrees (freezer) to 350+ degrees (around cooking equipment) is common.  Work requires walking and standing (often in a stationary position) for the majority of each shift.  Bending/climbing/carrying/pulling/pushing/lifting associated with loading/unloading of supplies and preparation, plating and serving of food is required.  Occasional overtime is required and shift work may be required.

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