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Hiring Minors

If you are hiring an employee who is under the age of 18, you must be aware of special conditions involved in hiring a minor. Full details on hiring a minor are available on the Washington State L&I website.

How to hire a minor:

  • Obtain a Parent/School Authorization Form. Before employing a minor, you must have the minor's legal guardian and school (during the school year) complete the Parent/School Authorization form and keep it in your files. Employers must keep the completed form on file. It must be renewed annually. When school is not in session, a school signature is not required.
  • Obtain proof of minor's age. You must keep proof of age on file. Examples include a copy of a birth certificate or driver's license, or a witnessed statement of the parent or legal guardian.
  • Keep employment records for 3 years after you hire a minor. You must keep information such as employee name, address, occupation, dates of employment, rate(s) of pay, amount paid each pay period and the hours worked. These records must be available to the employee on request at any reasonable time.

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