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Recruiting Solutions Tools
New Job Code Number Request

To request a new job description number for a brand new position.

Upload Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet needs to be sent in to get your student's job in the system.

For regular student employees email spreadsheet to

For work-study employees email spreadsheet to

For students on a grant send to Heather Harrell

Coding Cheat Sheet

Codes to help fill out the Hire Process Form in Recruiting Solutions and the Upload Spreadsheet including; term codes, earn codes, etc.

To change the job code of a current employee go to Request Position Change in Manager Self Service.

Raise Request Request a raise for your student employee.

University Policies

Be sure that your student employee is familiar with the following University policies:

CWU Drug Free Workplace

CWUP 2-35-010 Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy Statement (includes CWUP 2-35-050 Sexual Harassment)

CWUP 2-40-030 Alcohol and Other Drugs

2-30-040 Domestic Violence and the Workplace

More information on CWU Policies can be found online at

CWU Payment Card Procedure

Positions which will store, process, transmit or have access to multiple credit card information of customers at one time must comply with the provisions of the "Visa and MasterCard Payment Card Industry Security Standards".

Intent to Enroll

For students who are enrolled in spring quarter that want to work in the summer, but can't enroll yet for fall.

Work Study Tracking

Excel Spreadsheet Try it! Enter your student's details and it calculates and tracks the hours for you! (Please note that this spreadsheet is a helping tool only, it does not replace the CWU approved Time Sheet above.)

Minimum Wage Current Minimum Wage Information
Supervisor Checklist Tool for Supervisors to use on their student employee's first day
Employer Cost for Budget Forecasting

To figure out the cost you would estimate how many hours per week time’s minimum wage (or whatever you decide to pay her hour). Then you would need to figure the following employer cost:

  • L&I hours worked multiplied by .2454
  • FICA hours worked multiplied by .0765
  • Add that to the gross amount.



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