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Student Employment

Campus Job #840 Center for Leadership and Community Engagement

Job Title: 
Graphic Designer
Center for Leadership and Community Engagement JD#840
Supervisor / Contact person: 
Kim Jellison
Phone Number: 
Surc Room 256
Number of Students Needed: 
Hourly Pay Rate: 
$10.00 per hour
Hours Per Week: 
Scheduling Notes: 
Hiring now for Spring 2013 and 2013-2014 Academic year.
Available to: 
All students
Work-study preferred
Background Check: 
Background check
Essential Functions: 
The employee will be responsible for the supporting the graphic design needs of the Center and the constituencies it serves (students, community-based organizations, community members, etc.)
Necessary Skills: 
- Capable of rapidly creating high-quality, unique layout and design products (posters, displays, t-shirts, etc.) - Ability to work in a small, fast-paced and sometimes noisy setting - Ability to successfully manage multiple projects simultaneously - Ability to work in diverse teams.
Purpose of Position: 
The Center for Leadership and Community Engagement will employ a graphic designer who is strategically placed in our office so that they are exposed to the broad range of topics our student staff/clients focus on and has the ability to produce rapid PR/marketing materials.
Educational Benefits: 
The graphic designer will create a broad range of professional products that will be utilized in a variety of contexts - both on and off campus. They will also work in a diverse team (technical writers, PR/marketing students, computer science students, etc.) to create products for public distribution with the anticipation that they will utilize many of these works in their professional portfolios. Comments.

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