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Third Party Sponsors

What is a Guaranteed Source?

A Guaranteed Source is a Third Party Sponsor that guarantees payment toward a student’s University charges. Types of Third Party Sponsors include: Department of Veterans Affairs, any US Military Branch, Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), Worksource or any private Trust Fund. For a student to be set up as a Guaranteed Source recipient, the Third Party funding source must require that CWU invoice them directly, and guarantee to pay authorized charges regardless of the student’s academic standing with the University.

How do I get set up as a Guaranteed Source Recipient?

As the student, you must contact your Third Party funding source and have them send CWU an “authorization” indicating:

1. The dollar amount and/or types of charges they will guarantee payment for.

2. Your (student’s) name and identifying numbers (either CWU id # or SS #).

3. The mailing and/or email address and contact name where the invoices should be sent.

4. Which term(s) the authorization is good for.

This authorization should be sent to: Central Washington University, Office of Student Accounts, 400 E University Way, Ellensburg, WA 98926-7492.

What happens once CWU receives my “authorization”?

Once the authorization from your Third Party is received, CWU will post a “payment” to your MyCWU account for the amount guaranteed by your Third Party. For example; If your Third Party is guaranteeing $1,500 toward your tuition charges, you will see a credit on your account for $1500 with a description of “TPC-Billed to Guaranteed Source or Billed to DVR, Worksource, etc… “ At that point you are not responsible for this portion of your University expenses. In the case that your Third Party Funding source covers all of your University expenses, then you will not be responsible for covering any of your expenses out of pocket. If you have questions about how your MyCWU account was credited please call 509-963-3569 to discuss your questions.

When will my Third Party Funding Source be billed?

Typically invoices are sent to Third Party Funding sources 3-4 weeks into the quarter. The exception to this would be if a Third Party has specific requirements on the timing of invoices (i.e., ROTC will not be invoiced until 45-days into the term). If we have received your third party funding authorization and it covers your full tuition, we will place an indicator on your account to prevent tuition non-payment late fees to be charged to your account while your third party payment is processed.

What do I do if my MyCWU account has not been credited and should have been?

First, you need to make sure that you have completed all requirements of your Third Party in order to be authorized for payment. Many Third Parties require that you submit your grades each quarter or that you provide a list of the courses you intend to take. Do not assume that CWU has the authorization to credit your account. You are responsible for providing CWU with this information. You must complete all required steps with your Third Party funding source for approval to be made. This especially goes for Army Reserve and National Guard Tuition Assistance recipients who must complete and submit a Form 2171 to their education office each quarter in order to receive assistance. The approved forms will be emailed to your military email account and you must return your approved Form 2171 in person or by mail to:

Central Washington University

Student Accounts Office

Barge Hall Room 104

400 East University Way

Ellensburg, WA 98926

What if I have a GET (Guaranteed Education Tuition) Account?

If you have a GET account that you would like to utilize for your tuition and/or housing charges, please visit the GET website at as soon as possible. You can also contact the GET help desk at 1-800-955-2318 with any GET related questions.

What if GET tells me that my payment won’t be received by CWU before the due date?

If you think that CWU will not be getting the GET payment in time for the quarterly due date, please contact 509-963-3569 so a service indicator can be placed on your MyCWU account. This service indicator will eliminate the chance for late fees to be assessed. Accommodations for these types of requests will only be made if the request for payment is made prior to the tuition due date each quarter.

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