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Compare Sports Drinks

Ranking the Sports Drinks

Here is a comparison of some of the top name-brand sports drinks, and some other commonly used fluids used during exercise. These are Gatorade, Powerade, All-Sport, Hydrafuel, 1st Ade, Coca-Cola, and Orange Juice. Categories looked at will be carbohydrate (CHO) type, carbohydrate in grams, calories, sodium and potassium.

DrinkCHO TypeCHO GramsCaloriesSodiumPotassium
GatoradeSucrose, Glucose, & Fructose145011930
PoweradeHigh fructose corn  syrup, & Glucose Polymers (Maltodextrins)19705530
All-SportHigh fructose corn syrup19705555
HydrafuelGlucose, Glucose polymers, & Fructose16662550
1st AdeHigh fructose corn syrup, & Glucose, Fructose, & Sucrose16605525
Coca-ColaHigh fructose corn syrup271036-90
Orange JuiceSucrose, Fructose, & Glucose251046436


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