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Travel Itinerary

This form must be completed anytime your club travels regardless of the purpose. It is important to communicate with our staff if you intend on traveling, even if it is only a possibility. Please complete the following information once you are aware you are traveling, at AT LEAST 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE! The sooner we have this information the better!

If you intend to travel outside of Ellensburg, WA, you must complete a Travel Authorization (TA). If proper procedures are not followed prior to travel the club risks denial of funding and club standing.  A (TA) is required for all travel outside of Washington state in order to process funding.

Travel Information
Select all modes of transportation that will be used over the duration of your trip.

This information is extremely important! This list may change before you actually travel. It is important you tell us exactly who is traveling the day you depart. This should be done by calling (509) 963-3516 and leaving a message. Text a staff member after making the call so they know this has been done.

All clubs are required to meet with the CWU Sport Clubs staff prior to leaving on a sponsored trip.

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure that EVERYONE TRAVELING has submitted a completed waiver with emergency contact information!!

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