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CWU Double Western Equestrian Show

On November 11th and 12th the Equestrian Team hosted the annual CWU Double Western Equestrian Show at Orrion Farms in Ellensburg, Washington. The team competed against Linn-Benton Community College, Oregon State University, the University of Oregon, the University of Washington, Washington State University, and Western Washington University. This was the Equestrian team’s second show of the year and they will compete in four more shows starting in January.

After a lot of hard work and dedication from all of the team members, the show went spectacular. Show Coordinator Mariah Hebenthal said “Everyone did a fantastic job, we had great horses, and I am proud of all the team members for showing up and doing great.” There were 39 horses total which some had been donated for the show and they all performed very well. On Sunday the team won high point, which means out of all eight teams they had the most points from winning events. Alyssa Miller, the Equestrian Club Coach, said “On Sunday our team received team high point which is absolutely amazing because for a team to be competitive in the running for team reserve and high point you need a rider in each class division. Our team does not have a rider in two of the six class divisions, so for us to win high point is amazing!” The last time the CWU Equestrian team won high point was during the 2014-2015 school year when there were riders in all six of the class divisions. Additionally, the Equestrian team raised an exceptional amount of money that goes back in to the club for expenses such as hay, boarding, hotels, fuel, show fees, coaches fees, and rewards.

The President and Show Coordinator would like to make a shout out to all the team members for doing an unbelievable job staying poised, appropriate, polite, and professional throughout the entire show. The show went spectacular and there was a great turn out from family, friends, volunteers, and competitors. The Equestrian Club President, Darby Throndsen, said “I am proud of every one who competed. I love being at the show and seeing friends from all the teams we compete against. I love the comradery and sportsmanship from everyone and how all of the girls are there to help each other.” After the show, instead of having a normal practice the team had a game night with their horses to celebrate all of their accomplishments and hard work from the show. The team would like to thank the Sport Clubs employees Alex, Saydi, and Scott as well as all of the volunteers, parents, donors, sponsors, and Hot Diggidy Dog for providing the food.
The results from both days are listed below.

Day 1 Results:
Alayna Coldiron- 2nd place in class
Andie Rax- 4th place in class
Avery Coffin- 3rd place in class
Darby Throndsen-1st place in class
Gabrielle Longmire-1st place in class
Kate Dustrude-2nd place in class
Kylie Vroman-5th place in class
Madison Sturgeon-3rd place in class
Mariah Hebenthal-2nd place in class
Shawna Hettick-6th place in class

Day 2 Results:
Alayna Coldiron- 6th place in class
Andie Rax- 1st place in class
Avery Coffin-2nd place in class
Darby Throndsen-3rd place in class
Gabrielle Longmire-1st place in class
Kate Dustrude-1st place in class
Madison Sturgeon-1st place in class
Mariah Hebenthal-5th place in class
Shawna Hettick-2nd place in class
Sierra Tribby-6th place in class
Hellen Clumpner-5th place in class

        Photo Credit: Doug Hebenthal

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