Faculty Information

SOURCE provides a forum for students to present their faculty-mentored research, scholarship, or creative projects.  Since 1995, SOURCE has grown to over 300 presentations with more than 700 student presenters and co-presenters.  This high energy event showcases the work of our most motivated students. Students not yet engaged in their research or scholarship are encouraged to attend to learn more about getting involved. We hope you and your students will participate in this year's event.

Faculty can contribute to SOURCE by:

Mentoring Student Presenters

All accepted student abstracts are published in the SOURCE Program and Proceedings along with the students' faculty mentor(s).  Faculty mentors are strongly encouraged to assist their students with presentation practice or poster design, particularly students who have not yet presented their work for a general audience.  Look at the judging criteria to review important elements in presenting with your students.

Serving as a Session Chair or a Judge (or both)

Faculty can serve as session chairs and presentation judges.  A session chair leads discussion and ensures that the session stays on time.  Judges provide feedback on students' presentation skills and the students' ability to engage an audience.  Session chair or judges are recruited in April of each year.  Often session chairs are recruited from that year's faculty mentors.  Faculty mentors may judge presentations but are NOT assigned to judge their own students' work.

Presenting Their Own Research

Faculty and staff presentations are welcome at SOURCE.  SOURCE celebrates the depth and diversity of scholarly inquiry and creative expression at Central Washington University by providing a showcase for all members of the Central community to present their research, scholarship, and creative activities.  Although student presenters are especially encouraged, faculty and staff are encouraged to present in order to share the results of their work with the campus community.

Utilizing SOURCE as a Co-curricular Event

Faculty are encouraged to incorporate SOURCE into their classroom during the Spring quarter. Some faculty offer extra credit for SOURCE attendance while other faculty decide to replace an in-seat classroom meeting with attendance at particular SOURCE presentations.  SOURCE offers attending (but non-presenting) students an opportunity to:

  • Be exposed to and engage in understanding disciplines and topics that are not parts of their standard curriculum.
  • Communicate understanding of new ideas resulting from attendance/participation in SOURCE sessions.
  • Recognize the broad scope and accessibility of meaningful research and creative activity.
  • Value the process of generating new understanding through research and creative activity.
  • Formulate meaningful questions for and critiques of the work of their peers.
  • Exhibit appropriate behavior in the context of a professional conference.

**Please note that due to costs and limited personnel, SOURCE cannot offer proof of attendance for students who are required or rewarded for SOURCE attendance.** 

Personally Attending Presentations at SOURCE

A showcase can't happen without an audience.  Please consider attending all or some of the sessions during SOURCE.  Learn about the scholarship, research, and creative activities happening on campus.  Promote students' professional development by asking questions as an audience member or at the poster sessions.  And enhance the sense of community by attending SOURCE.