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College of the Sciences

Support for Our Students

Please keep in mind that we (students, staff, and faculty) all are coping with many challenges and what we all need is some flexibility. Some of us are facing new challenges in caring for children and other family members and may be facing uncertain employment schedules and mental health strain. Many of us are worried about how these demands will interact with our performance. In connection to this, we need to have better communication with one another. Experiences in the spring have alerted us to our own and other’s vulnerabilities. We seek assurance of having ways to connect with one another. I believe that we all need to feel cared about, even though we’re at a distance, while also wanting to feel safe.

My hope is that we will all give one another grace, as we are all learning how to deal with a worldwide disruption greater than any of us have experienced in our lifetimes. We want to express our desire to provide a high-quality and meaningful educational experience to keep students engaged and moving forward. But I also want you all to know that I care about you and your well-being. Let’s keep the lines of communication open!

Information and references:

Student mental and emotional health and support:

Stress and other life circumstances that may be out of your control can make learning and focusing difficult. If you find stress or other mental health concerns make academics difficult, Central has resources to support you. I encourage you to reach out as soon as you notice you’re struggling.


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