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Noella Wyatt

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B.A. - 1979 CWU - Religious Studies/Art. I hope to be able to once again work on another B.A. degree - this time in Anthropology.
I was born and raised on the Yakama Indian Reservation. My passions include fishing, Web-page design/development, and Archeology. My hope is to retire one day from the university and follow my passion of Archeology of the American Southwest and Pacific Northwest.


For social endeavors, I served for sixteen years on the Board of Directors for the Western Art Association, which resulted in my love for Western art. I truly enjoyed working with the artists. For many years I served as a Docent for CHCI - the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute, here on campus. From March through November I gave one-hour educational presentations twice a month about our world-renown Chimpanzees that communicate using American Sign Language.


My work experiences have been quite varied. The first job I ever had was as a field-hand working in beets and mint in the Yakima Valley. Not glamorous, but definitely dirty. It is a toss-up as to what I consider my least favorite job. It would either have to be the one weekend stint I did as a waitress or the ten years I spent my summers irrigating on the farm I lived on - AFTER a full day of work at the university. Probably my favorite job (that has paid) has been when I occasionally have a chance to exercise my enjoyment of Web design/maintenance and marketing. When I get the opportunity to do these things, it fulfills my artistic and technical inclinations and expands my daily projects out of the usual and into the exceptional. September 15, 2012 made 35 years I have worked for the University. On April 1st of 2008 I joined the Sociology Department. Working at the University has been my longest job.