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McNair Scholars, Sociology Students Compete, Excel

The CWU Sociology Department proudly recognizes its students who participated in the McNair Scholars’ Program and in the Symposium On University Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE) during the 2012-2013 academic year. Below is a list of students and their mentors and their research studies, poster, and oral presentations. Student names are in boldface; names of their faculty mentor(s) follow.

McNair Scholars’ Program:
Diane Buchanan— Eric Cheney—Thesis title is: “Global Trade Patterns of Trafficking in Persons.”

Danait Tafere—Michael Mulcahy—Poster Title, “Local-Level Analysis of Multinational Corpora-tions in Less Developed Countries.” Winner of University Centers Best Poster Presentation Award.
Nicholas Pucci—Nelson Pichardo—Oral Presentation, “Tanned and Ripped: The Growth of Male Objectification.”
Brian Grimmer—Eric Cheney—Poster Title: “A Study of Gender within the Cannabis Market.”
Brian Grimmer—Nelson Pichardo—Oral Presentation, “A comparative Study of Urban and Rural Cannabis Politics.”
Michael Lee—Nelson Pichardo, Pamela McMullin-Messier, and Tracey Hoover—Poster Title, “Conducting Social Research: The Occupy Movement in the Pacific Northwest.”
Samantha Jackle—Mike Harrod, Sociology and Kara I Gabriel, Psychology—Oral Presen-tation, “Evaluating the Perceptions of Psychology and Sociology Majors by University Undergraduates.” Nominated for SOURCE 2013 Scholar of the Year Award.
Rebecca Webster—Mike Harrod—Oral Presentation, “The Relationship Between Homeschooling and Child Abuse.”
Tyler Cummings—Mike Harrod—Oral Presentation, “The Relationship Between Artificial Social Environments and Deviance.”
Aleisha Sebastian—Laura Appleton—Oral Presentation, “Inside the Fish Bowl: Application of Sociological Theory to Observations of State Government.”
Neko Phillips—Pamela McMullin-Messier—Oral Presentation, “Gender Representations and Stereotypes on Gamers and Games.” Nominated for SOURCE 2013 Scholar of the Year Award.

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