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Hong Xiao

Hong XiaoBackground

Hong Xiao is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology. Her primary areas of interest are social stratification, cultural values, families, social ecology, and gender. She is the author of Childrearing Values in the United States and China: A Comparison of Belief Systems and Social Structure (Praeger Publishers, 2001) and more than a half dozen of journal articles. In the past few years, she has been a member of a NSF/REU funded interdisciplinary study of economic development and environmental policy in China. Her current research examines China’s economic development orientations, environmental consciousness, and consumption patterns.

Hong Xiao joined the faculty of CWU in 1999 after years of teaching sociology, and working as an applied sociologist in survey research, program evaluation, and job training program management. She teaches a variety of courses in Sociology, Ethnic Studies, and Asian/Pacific Studies. Many of her courses have a cross-cultural comparative component. She enjoys her profession as a teacher in the classroom and equally importantly as an advisor and mentor to students.



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