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Ethnics Studies Minor Program Overview

Ethnic Studies at Central Washington University uses inter- and multidisciplinary approaches to study the lives and experiences of Indigenous, African, Latino/a, Asian and white ethnic people in the United States. It is an  important and valuable area of study that is indispensable to the academic experience of all students.

The Ethnic Studies curriculum provides students with unique forms of critical inquiry that advance their analysis of race, ethnicity, and cultural difference in an increasingly heterogeneous and  complex world. Courses in Ethnic Studies examine the social construction of ethnic identities, how social hierarchies frame access to political power, allocate economic resources, and influence cultural expression.

By critically exploring such issues, students develop not only a greater understanding of the legacy of racism, discrimination, and injustices in the United States, but also a greater appreciation for new and  emerging knowledge about diverse American  peoples and their global and trans-national connections.

Ethnic Studies Minor Program Information



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