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2019 Winter syllabi

SOC 101.01 Social Problems Peggy Roberts 

SOC 101.02 Social Problems Peggy Roberts 

SOC 101.03 Social Problems Peggy Roberts 

SOC 101.A01 Social Problems Sandra Galta 

SOC 107.001 Principles of Sociology Tracey Haggerty-Lester

SOC 107.002 Principles of Sociology Sandra Galta

SOC 107.003 Principles of Sociology Sandra Galta

SOC 107.A01 Principles of Sociology Connie Robinson 

SOC 107.A02 Principles of Sociology Sarah Samblanet 

SOC 109.001 Social Consturction of Race Arthur Majarrez 

SOC 300.001 Introduction to the Major Baiqing Zhang 

SOC 300.A01 Introduction to the Major Connie Robinson 

SOC 301.A01 Intoduction to History of Social Services Agents Lindsey Vaagen

SOC 305.A01 American Society Ericka Cooley

SOC 310.A01 Social Services Methods and Casework Lindsey Vaagen 

SOC 338.001 Poltical Sociology Nelson Pichardo 

SOC 344.A01 Juvenile Delinquency Jennifer Maclin 

SOC 346.A01 Criminology Julie Aldcroft 

SOC 350.001 Social Theory 1 Judy Hennessy 

SOC 351.A01 Sociology of Work Tracey Haggerty-Lester

ETS/SOC 354.001 Minority Experiences Nelson Pichardo 

SOC 356.001 Sociology of Gender Judy Hennessy 

SOC 357.A01 Sociology of Families Julie Aldcroft 

SOC 363.A01 Methods of Social Research Baiqing Zhang 

SOC 364.A01 Data Analysis in Sociology Sarah Samblanet 

SOC 365. A01  Minority Groups Jennifer Maclin

SOC 369.A01 Mass Media and Society Jennifer Green 

SOC 370.A01 Social Change Julie Aldcroft 

SOC 375.A01 Sociology of Conflict Connie Robinson 

SOC 386.A01 Seminar of Racsim Nelson Pichardo 

SOC 415.001 Urban Sociology Griff Tester 

SOC 425.001 Sociology of Education Michael Mulchay 

SOC 445.A01 Social Inequality Connie Robinson 

SOC 460.001 Comm Structure/Org Michael Mulchay 

SOC 489.001 Senior Seminar Tracey Haggerty-Lester 

SOC 489.A01 Senior Seminar Sarah Samblanet 








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