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Social Justice & Human Rights Dialogues

Upcoming Dialogue

Europe After Pax Americana, Jan Techau

A Conversation about the American Election
discussion on american election

The Middle Eastern War That Destabilized Europe: Syria and Its Consequences
discussion on middle eastern war


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Steering Committee

Mass Incarceration Dialogue banner imageSteering Committee Chair:  Stacey Robertson  (Dean, College of Arts and Humanities)

Steering Committee Members:

  • Ryan Anderson (ASCWU President)
  • Matthew Altman (Philosophy and Religious Studies)  
  • Mark Auslander (Anthropology and Museum Studies; Museum of Culture and Environment)
  • Jessica Hope Amason (Anthropology and Museum Studies)
  • Jay Ball (Theater Arts )
  • Kathleen Barlow (Anthropology and Museum Studies) 
  • Nina Caldwell (ASCWU VP for Legislative Affairs, SISTERS President)
  • Xavier Cavazos (English)
  • Keith Champagne (Associate Dean for Student Success)
  • Val Chapman-Stockwell (Publications Writer)
  • Epiphany Clark (Development Director, College of Arts and Humanities)
  • Kandee Cleary (Sociology)
  • Anne Cubilie (Douglas Honors College; Provost’s Office)
  • Bobby Cummings (English)
  • Mindie Dieu (English; Interim Associate Dean for Student Achievement)
  • Teresa Divine (Law and Justice) 
  • Skye Field  (University Centers)
  • Kendyl Hardy (Central Communications Agency)
  • Mike Harrod (Law and Justice)
  • Judy Hennessy (Women’s and Gender Studies, Sociology)
  • Jim Hollar (Foundations and Curriculum, College of Education and Professional Studies)
  • Cynthia Mitchell (Journalism)
  • Stacey Robertson (History, College of Arts and Humanities )
  • Maureen Rust (Student Engagement and Community Outreach, Library)
  • Roger Schaefer (Law and Justice) 
  • Katharine Whitcomb (English)
  • Chuck Reasons (Law and Justice)

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