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2016-17 Dialogues: Migration


This year, the CWU community is exploring the history and political aspects of migration in an attempt to understand the causes and consequences of migration. In its many facets, migration will connect the experience of migration (in its many forms) to an individual’s identity and to communal identity. We will focus on how to promote human dignity and human security in the context of migration. Human security in the language of human rights activists incorporates the basic human rights to a life with dignity and I also includes issues that involve a sustainable environment. This will then transition the community to next year’s theme: sustainability.



 Content Lens​Social Justice Process 
FallHistorical and Political Context of Migration
in its Various Forms
WinterMigration, Identity and ExperienceConnect
SpringHuman Security and MigrationAction/Finding Voice

The campus and community will gather together around these goals and themes:

  • Support the development for understanding the structural nature of injustices related to different forms of migration
  • Engage in collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches to understanding the causes and consequences of migration
  • Support the development for insight into the institutional context of migration and it’s connection to our university campus and surrounding community
  • Encourage faculty to integrate social justice theme(s) into curricular and co-curricular materials related to migration
  • Affirm human agency and capacity to create change to ensure that human dignity and security is promoted as it relates to migration.

These and many other themes will be explored in classes and public programs over the course of the 2016-17 academic year. Some courses and student clubs and organizations may choose to pursue service-learning projects and others may conduct research on the causes and impact of migration in our region.

Past Dialogue(s):  Mass Incarceration

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