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Europe After Pax Americana, Jan Techau

A Conversation about the American Election
discussion on american election

The Middle Eastern War That Destabilized Europe: Syria and Its Consequences
discussion on middle eastern war


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I will never be "Filipino" and I will never be "American" I will only be "Filipino-American"

A powerhouse of dialogue and spoken-work from Regie Cabico by centering on injustice with the Filipino-American experience. 

Picture of Regie Cabico

A performing artist who has emerged and redefined the genre of poetry thru spoken word, experimental theater, storytelling & hip hop aesthetics since 1993 when he became the first Asian American slam poet to receive top honors in the 1993, 1994 & National Poetry Slams & the first Asian American and openly Queer Nuyorican Poets Café Grand Slam Champion. An activist and educator for the Asian American & Queer Community.  Performing Arts Curator for several literary & theatrical organizations. Mr. Cabico has brought this new art form to at-risk youth, people of color, academia & internationally. One of the few slam poets who can teach both written and performing skills. An editor of several literary journals and one anthology bringing high avant-garde and political poetry together.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017 at 6:30pm in SURC Theater

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Entertainment Fine & Performing Arts Social Justice & Human Rights

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