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Social Justice & Human Rights Dialogues

Upcoming Dialogue

Europe After Pax Americana, Jan Techau

A Conversation about the American Election
discussion on american election

The Middle Eastern War That Destabilized Europe: Syria and Its Consequences
discussion on middle eastern war


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The Social Justice and Human Rights Dialogues are a collaborative effort from across campus led by a steering committee. Below is the 2017-18 steering committee that is comprised of the executive committee as well as general and student members.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the steering committee, please contact an executive committee member.

Executive Committee

Co-director Elaine Glenn, Senior Lecturer, Geography
Co-director Pamela McMullin-Messier, Associate Professor, Sociology

Ex Officio Members

Anne Cubilié, Director Douglas Honors College, Email
Gail Mackin, Associate Provost, Undergraduate and Faculty Affairs, Email

Steering Committee
Dawn Alford, Public Affairs, Email
J. Hope Amason, Professor, Anthropology, Email
Pedro Cavazos, Lecturer, English, Email
Kandee Cleary, VP for Inclusion and Diversity, Email
Cynthia Coe, Professor, Philosophy, Email
Bobby Cummings, Professor, English, Email
Michelle Cyrus, Asst. Director, Center for Diversity and Social Justice, Email
Sigrid Davison, Assoc. Director, Analytics & Research, Email
Andre Dickerson, Director, Center for Leadership and Community Engagement, Email
Jeff Dippman, Professor, Philosophy & Religious Studies, Email
Susana Flores, Professor, Educational Foundations, Email
Sheri Fugita, UESL, Email
Lola Gallagher, Assoc. Director, Publicity Center, Email
Nancy Graber Pigeon, Professor, Business, Email
Joseph Han, VP of Operations, Email
Judy Hennessy, Director of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Email
Susan Kaspari, Geology, Email
Melody Madlem, Professor, Public Health, Email
Jessie Martin, Insititute for Integrated Energy Studies (IIES), Email
Stella Moreno, Professor, World Languages and Dir. of Latin/Latino Studies, Email
Joseph Pearson, Auxillary Operations, Email
Luke Poole, Residential Hall Coordinator, Email
Chuck Reasons, Professor, Law and Justice, Email
Shane Scott, Professor, English, Email
Jen Stuart, Pastor, (Off-Campus member), Email
Francesco Somaini, Professor, Communication, Email
Carolyn Thurston, Academic Success, Email
Doris Torres, Student Union Operations, Email
Aimee Quinn, Library, Email
Lily Vuong, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Email

Student Members


2018-19 Theme: Public Engagement and Youth Activism
Anne Cubilie
Lola Gallagher
Aimee Quinn

Faculty Engagement
Judy Hennessy
Francesco Somaini

Future Themes
Judy Hennessy
Jessie Martin
Francesco Somaini

Student Engagement
Michelle Cyrus
Andre Dickerson
Lola Gallagher

Budget and Funding
Joseph Pearson
Aimeé Quinn
Lily Vong

Community Engagement
Dawn Alford
Andre Dickerson
Susana Flores
Jessie Martin

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