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¡SOBRE México!

Taylor Henne's Research

Questions on Cane Toads, Rhinella marina

  • How often are they active?
  • How far do they travel?
  • What time of day do they prefer to be active?
  • Are there difference in toad activity between the dry season and rainy season?


  • Surgery to implant radio transmitters and temperature monitoring devices inside 4 toads.
  • Toads returned to original habitat.
  • Toad location and movements monitored in the forest.
  • Recorded body temperatures of the toads throughout study period.
  • Data collected from the population of toads that inhabit the field station campus.

Comparison of Males and Females

Toad body temperatures


  • Toads hid inside the trees that fell from Hurricane Patricia.
  • Toads emerge when it rains or at 11:00 p.m.
  • They often forage under  lights and capture beetles.
  • They accumulate under leaky faucets.

Female 1's initial home range was 0.047 hectares.

Male 1's initial home range was 0.019 hectares.


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