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¡SOBRE México!: Student Opportunities for Biological Research in Mexico

¡SOBRE México!

¡SOBRE México! Scholars for 2017

¡SOBRE México! Scholars eating pizza (from left to right: Brady, Taylor, Stacy, Cameron, Lily, Sam)

Our ¡SOBRE México! Scholars for 2017 are:

Cameron Cupp was born in Yakima, Washington. He has always been curious and passionate about learning, and has been known to spew out random facts from the Discovery and History channels. Major surgery at age 14 inspired his interest in science. At Central, he knew immediately that he wanted to study biology. After completing his first year of biology and chemistry, he was hungry for more biology and applied to the SOBRE Mexico program, where he will become an expert on tropical dry forest turtles.

Cameron will work with Dr. Andres Garcia, Dr. Daniel Beck and Taggert Butterfield to investigate microhabitat use of Rhinoclemmys turtles in the Chamela forest and to examine their response to Hurricane Patricia. More about Cameron's Reseach.


Samuel Gutierrez is an undergraduate at CWU pursuing a dual major in molecular biology and anthropology. His plan post-graduation includes perpetuating his academic adventures and studying at a medical school, or continuing research through a graduate program at an institution in the pacific northwest. Sam has an infectuous enthusiasm that endears him to just about everyone he meets, even theTriatoma in the forest.

Sam will work with Drs. Gabriella Stryker, Victor Sanchez, and Daniel Beck to investigate occurrence, abundance and behavioral aspects of Triatoma spp. at the Chamela field station and surrounding areas.  More about Sam's Research


Prior to CWU, Taylor Henne attended Pierce Community College in Puyallup, Washington. A Junior at Central Washington University, Taylor is working towards a biology degree with a Bio-Medical Specialization. In addition to her research in Mexico, Taylor works with Dr. Blaise Dondji at CWU, studying both Hookworm and Leishmania. Aside from lab research, Taylor enjoys hiking, volleyball, traveling, and chasing toads in the tropical dry forests of Chamela. After graduation, Taylor hopes to attend either Medical school or Physician Assistant school.

Taylor will work with Dr. Andres Garcia, his students and Dr. Daniel Beck to use radiotelemetry to track patterns of activity, body temperature, and microhabitat use by Cane Toads (Marine Toads), Rhinella marina, in the forest at EBCh.  More about Taylor's Research


Jenny Magana grew up in Tieton, Washington and graduated from Highland Highschoo, where she developed an early interest in science. She is currently a Junior at Central Washington University with a major in Cell and Molecular Biology. Jenny hopes to become a veterinarian for all animals, which is what led her to the Sobre Mexico program.  She plans to study lizards in Chamela, Mexico to gain more experience with reptiles, and to do some cool research on some amazing creatures.

Jenny will work with mentors Drs. Andres Garcia and Daniel Beck to investigate the response of lizard species assemblages to the changes in the structure of forest microhabitats brought about by Hurricane Patricia. More about Jenny's Research


Stacey Meekhof grew up in Woodbridge, Virginia and moved to Spokane, Washington in high school. She has been interested in biological science since elementary school, and in high school realized her love for math. As a sophomore studying both Biology and Applied Math, she hopes to attend graduate school at the University of Washington. Stacey loves being outdoors hiking, swimming, mountain biking, camping, skiing, hammocking, and getting her feet wet in amphibian pools of the forest. 

Stacey will work with Dr. Andres Garcia, his students and Dr. Beck to examine the hypothesis that woody debris (fallen trees and limbs) deposited into arroyos by Hurricane Patricia have influenced the abundance, structure and other traits of amphibian ponds that form in arroyos during the wet season. More on Stacey's Research


A sophmore at CWU, Lilly Nava is a first- generation college student determined to earn a degree in the challenging field of Biochemistry. After graduating, Lilly intends to attend dental school and continue onto a specialization in Orthodontics. She also plans to do missionary work abroad, providing dental work in small communities. An active, athletic person you may find Lilly at the gym, out and about on a hike with her friends, or chasing down ticks in the tropical dry forest of Chamela.

Lilly will work with Drs. Gabriella Stryker, Victor Sanchez, and Daniel Beck to investigate ectoparasites (ticks of the genus Amblyomma and others) occurrence and abundance within the forest, and infection rates on lizards. More on Lilly's Research


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