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¡SOBRE México!

Jenny Magana's Research

The effect of Hurricane Patricia on the Lizards in the Chamela-Cuixmala Biosphere Reserve


  • What affects did Hurricane Patricia have on the assembly of lizards in Chamela-Cuixmala?
  • How are the species assemblages of lizards different between arroyos and uplands?
  • How is the species assemblage of lizards different between the rainy and the dry season?


Pre-hurricane: 2009 Collected data of the lizard assembly in arroyos and uplandsPost-hurricane: 2017 Data collected from the lizard assembly in arroyos and uplands
2017 Data of lizards in the dry season2017 Data of lizards in rainy season
Species of lizards found in pitfall traps

Holcosus undulata


Aspidoscelis communis


Aspidoscelis lineatisima


Eumeces parvulus


Sceloporus utiformis


Other species found in traps
Sceloperus melanorhinusAnolis nebulosaHeloderma horridumTantilla calamarinaColeonyx elegan
Ctenosaura pectinata    


Location of the Pitfall Traps at  Estación de Biología Chamela (EBCh)


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