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¡SOBRE México!: Student Opportunities for Biological Research in Mexico

¡SOBRE México!

How to Apply

Applications for our 2019 cohort will be accepted beginning September 2018.

Application deadline is November 2nd.

Students interested in applying will be required to submit:

  1. A completed application form including demographic information, contact information, intended major and citizenship
  2. An unofficial copy of their most recent college transcript
  3. Two letters of recommendation from faculty, advisors, employers or community leaders (see note below)
  4. A personal statement that addresses their motivation to pursue international experience, ability to endure the rigors of fieldwork in a foreign country, and their ultimate goals in pursuing a career in science.


Requesting a letter of recommendation: Give your letter-writers enough lead time so we can receive their letters as close to the November 2nd deadline as possible. Please share the following information (in bold) with those you will ask to write you a letter of recommendation...

Those submitting recommendations for SOBRE Mexico applicants will be asked to fill out a simple drop-down online form once the applicant submits their application.  At that time, you will also be asked to submit a written letter of recommendation. Please address the following in your letter:

1. Briefly explain your relationship with the applicant:

a. How long you have known the applicant; in what capacity you have interacted (e.g., faculty, advisor, supervisor, etc.); and whether you are writing based on direct or indirect observations.

2. Provide an accurate assessment of the applicant’s suitability for the SOBRE México international research program rather than advocate for the applicant. Please address the applicant’s:

a. Motivation to pursue an international experience.

b. Ability to endure the rigors of summer fieldwork in México, in a humid and hot tropical forest with biting insects and stinging plants.

c. Potential benefits of scientific research in a foreign country for this applicant.

We would like to receive letters as close to the November 2nd deadline as possible.




Application deadline will be the beginning of November preceding initiation of each new cohort the following January. The most promising candidates will be interviewed by SOBRE México program staff in November. Applications will be ranked based on scholarship, motivation, ability to work as a member of a team, and diversity. Motivation and teamwork potential will be judged based on each student’s application and in-person interview.  Admission of each new cohort into the program will be announced in mid-December.

To be eligible for admission into the SOBRE México IRES program, students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. They must enroll as a full-time CWU undergraduate or M.S. student (enrolled full-time in the spring quarter proceeding trip and fall quarter following trip), with a declared major in a STEM discipline (Biology, Geology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, or Computer Science), and demonstrate academic ability or potential via a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 or through means such as outside projects, exceptional performance in STEM course(s), or exceptional dedication to a SOBRE México eligible project. Although a background in Spanish will be encouraged, and a strong interest in learning Spanish will be essential, Spanish proficiency will not be required for admission. Finally, eligible candidates must have taken coursework in the Biology 180 series (i.e. BIOL 181, 182 and/or 183) sufficient to fulfilled perquisites for biostatistics (BIOL 213) which will be required before summer research.



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