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¡SOBRE México!: Student Opportunities for Biological Research in Mexico

¡SOBRE México!

Cameron Cupp's Research

Mexican Spotted Turtles


  • The habitat of Rhinoclemmys rubida perixantha, is currently one of the most threatened in the world.
  • The available habitat consists of litter, woody debris, vegetation and shelter.
  • Their home range is the area where they spend their time eating, sleeping, mating, and traveling.


  • I found 3 male turtles and 3 female turtles
  • I followed their location via radio telemetry
  • I took notes during each observation (GPS, slope, surface activity, and behaviors).
  • Home range maps are underway

Home Range Data

Turtle #Hectares - MaleTurtle #Hectares - Female


Average0.46 0.66


Interesting Note

  • I found a turtle eating a caterpillar (photo, right); a previously unknown food item in their diet. 
  • In fact, this is the first observation of a R. r. perixantha eating an animal, demonstrating that it is omnivorous.

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