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¡SOBRE México!: Student Opportunities for Biological Research in Mexico

¡SOBRE México!

2019 Student Cohort

¡SOBRE México! Scholars for 2019


Carla Barbosa is a first generation college student at Central. Currently she is a Biomedical major and plans to be a doctor in the future. Both of her parents are from Jalisco, Mexico so when she heard about the SOBRE Mexico program which based in Jalisco she was very interested. It sounded like an amazing opportunity to connect to her roots and conduct research on something that excited her. Carla had not considered undergraduate research but is am glad she applied. 

Angelica Bustos-Ortiz was born and raised in Yakima, Washington. As a first-generation college student, she is pursuing a career in Middle-Level Science and STEM Teacher Program. She aspires to be a future middle school teacher within the Yakima School District with a goal of implementing changes on how educators should teach and introduce science. Angelica loves spending time with her family and animals as well as exploring new ecosystems. She is excited for the opportunity to do undergraduate research and cannot wait to share the experience with others.
Angelica will work with Dr. Enrique Ramírez García and Dr. Daniel Beck to research cane toads (Rhinella marina) that are native to Chamela, Jalisco. In addition, she will help facilitate activities for children that visit the field station. 
Nicholas DeHollander was born and raised in Ellensburg, WA. He has always been fascinated by how all life on Earth is interconnected. Nick's passion for Environmental science and Biology was ignited during a volunteer trip to Nicaragua where he taught English to climate change refugees and participated in a conservation scuba diving course. In 2017, he attended the SOBRE Mexico seminar and was captivated by Cameron Cupp’s research on the Rhinoclemmys turtles. This summer, he will investigate the turtle’s thermal preferences and the thermal landscape of Chamela’s Tropical Dry Forest.
Jazmin Gonzalez is a first generation college student with a motivation to pursue a B.S in Anthropology and a minor in Latino and Latin American studies! Jazmin is currently in her third year here at Central, and her interests are in Environmental and Cultural Anthropology. She grew up in Gig Harbor WA surrounded by the Pacific Northwest atmosphere while exposed to her families roots that are tied to the desserts of Northern Mexico. Her passions include visiting historical sites, learning her mother’s Mexican dishes, and spending time with her dogs. Jazmin’s future goals are to travel around the world and create dialogues between the science community and local rural spaces to strengthen ecological sustainability. She is so thrilled to embark on her new journey through SOBRE Mexico. 
Mackenzie Stinson is from Snoqualmie, Washington and grew up a homeschooled hippie from the mountains. Biology and writing have always interested her, and SOBRE has proved invaluable in terms of personal and academic growth. She plans to continue her education in molecular anthropology in California after she leaves Central.

Mackenzie will be working on a dual cultural anthropology investigation with Jazmin Gonzalez, with the mentorship of Dr. Rodrigo Rentería-Valencia.


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