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¡SOBRE México!: Student Opportunities for Biological Research in Mexico

¡SOBRE México!

2018 Student Cohort

¡SOBRE México! Scholars for 2018


Cortnea Austin is an undergraduate at CWU pursuing degrees in math and biology education, and she is excited to share her love of learning and endless curiosity with her future students. After graduation, Cortnea plans to continue her education through a graduate program for biology. She discovered her interest in science in a marine biology course at YVCC, and has been following her passion for biology ever since. Her enthusiasm for learning and new experiences is what inspired her to apply for the SOBRE Mexico program, and she plans to study insects within the tropical dry forest.

More about Cortnea's Reseach.



Kenya Byrnes is from a small town in south-west Washington called Woodland. She is an Ecology and evolutionary biology major at CWU and will be graduating in spring of 2019. Kenya spends lots of time hiking, camping, road tripping, and bird watching. She has a passion for being in nature and learning about different species. Kenya is interested in all bird species and will be studying Golden-Cheeked Woodpeckers in the Tropical Dry Forest of Chamela this summer. 

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Savannah Fields was born in Wenatchee, Washington. She earned her associate’s degree during running start at Wenatchee Valley College. Until recently, her plan was to become a veterinarian, which is what led her to the Sobre Mexico Program. However, after learning about environmental damage, Savannah has changed her major to Ecology with a minor in Environmental Sciences. Her career goal is to conduct international research in devastated areas and create policies to aid in conservation and sustainability. She is excited to see how she can help protect the tropical dry forest.

More about Savannah's Reseach.



Jessica Luna is in her third year at Central, with an intended major in Chemistry (biochemistry specialization), but after her first trip to Chamela she intends to also include Biology. Jessica grew up in Yakima and graduated from Davis High School. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, watercolors, and walking her lovely husky pup, Nina. She’s always been a curious child, so majoring in a science was a no-brainer. Jess became interested in the SOBRE Mexico program her freshman year at CWU, as she has family roots in Mexico. She thought it would be great experience to do research, and practice what she loves, in a place she already calls home.

Jessica worked with Dr. Andres Garcia, Dr. Daniel Beck, and Taggert Butterfield to investigate microhabitat use of Rhinoclemmys turtles in the Chamela forest and to examine their response to Hurricane Patricia. More about Jessica's Reseach.



Abigail Sanchez was born in Yakima WA and attended Wapato high school. The 6th of 8 children, Abby is a first-generation college student. Her father is from Colima, and her mother’s parents are from Guadalajara. Some of her hobbies include soccer, softball, and being with family. Abby is considering a degree in clinical physiology, and plans to be a physical therapist. She became a SOBRE Mexico scholar because she has had a love for science since she was a young girl.

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Terrance Thomas (TJ) was born in Tacoma Washington. At a young age, he developed a love for science and exploration which confused his parents since both of them had no interest or background in science. Around that same time, a love for animals developed and the dream to become a veterinarian became TJ's goal. Fast forward a few years and he began to do wrestling and football both of which he failed at for the first few years but, eventually became an excellent student-athlete. Today, he is no longer an athlete but still stays active and has committed the extra time to homework and reading.

More about TJ's Reseach.



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