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Travel and Other Forms

Does your Supplemental Request involve travel? If so, there are additional things you need to know.

1. Approval of Funds: Once Services and Activities has actually voted on and approved your request, the request is then presented to the Budget and Finance Committee (BFC). The BFC meets on a monthly basis. You do not attend this meeting. Once the BFC has heard your request, the request is forwarded to the Board of Trustees for requests greater than $25,000, for request less than $25,000, the request can then be approved by the Board of Trustees appointed official. Requests under $25,000 are generally approved within a week of the BFC meeting. Once your request has been fully approved, you will receive an email from the SURC Accounting Office.

2. All S&A funded travel requires a travel authorization. The travel authorization can be found on the travel link provided below. Please submit your completed travel authorization to the SURC Accounting Office, located in SURC 263.

3. All S&A funded travel requires a travel voucher. The travel voucher can also be found on the travel link provided below.

Travel Link

The SURC Accounting Office cannot process your approved S&A funding packet for reimbursement if they do not receive the completed travel authorization and travel voucher. The staff of the SURC Accounting Office can assist you in obtaining the necessary signatures on the travel authorization and can provide guidance, if you run into problems completing either form. For additional instructions, samples of the forms and contact information for SURC Accounting, please click on the SURC Accounting link in the menu.

4. Receipts, Receipts, Receipts. S&A reimbursements require receipts. Please make sure you are saving your receipts when creating expenditures related to your funding request. S&A is a reimbursement program and will require these receipts to process your funding request. If you are unsure what constitutes a receipt, please refer to the SURC Accounting link for additional information on documenting your expenditures.

5. Timelines: Your travel forms and receipts are due to the SURC Accounting Office within two weeks from the return date of travel in order for you to be reimbursed.


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