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College of the Sciences

Mission and Commitments

Mission Statement
The College of the Sciences prepares students for enlightened and productive lives through the intertwined endeavors of learning and research in the classroom, laboratory, and field. As practitioners of scientific inquiry, students and faculty create and apply knowledge to solving human, social and environmental problems. The college values instruction, research, and service as interdependent activities that enable human curiosity and discovery.

Our Commitments
All departments within the CWU College of the Sciences are committed to teaching excellence; faculty and student research; scholarship and professional service; and community outreach, demonstrating the practical applications of our academic specialization.

Inclusivity and Diversity
The College of the Sciences strives to create an intentional environment of inclusive excellence-a place for our faculty, our staff and our students to lead and succeed whatever their background, ethnicity, gender, religious and spiritual beliefs, age or sexual orientation, national origin, and other differences. We share a responsibility to ensure that the College truly reflects the diversity of the world we live in. In the College of the Sciences inclusive excellence means that students will graduate with understanding and skills to live, work and play in an environment that is marked by diversity. The College of the Sciences will nurture a campus community that is made up of a wide range of diversity among the faculty, staff and students. The workplace and classroom will offer a safe, respectful, interculturally responsive and stimulating environment that supports educational and professional development.




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