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College of the Sciences

Faculty Early Career Grant Project Description

Proposal Guidelines:

Proposals must convincingly articulate a plan that shows the faculty member is ready to produce a Category A product by the end of the academic year with the requested number of workload dedicated to its production. Attach the required elements of the proposal the cover page. Proposals should be no longer than 2 single space pages with an additional page for a timeline (3 pages total). Organize your proposal using the following headings:

1) Proposal title
2) Funding/Publication Information – Include a brief description of the program to which you will submit for funding OR the intended publisher of your manuscript (two to three sentences max.)
3) Scholarly Significance – explain the relationship of your proposed product to the present state of knowledge in your field and to your previous work
4) Current Status – describe the results you will include in your product. How much data do you have in hand? How much of the analysis has been completed? If writing a grant proposal, have you spoken with the program officer? What work remains to be completed? This section must convincingly make the case that you are ready to write.

Timeline – use the attached timeline template to create a quarter by quarter timeline for your project; include your estimated teaching and major service obligations


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