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Certificate in Science Dissemination

We currently live in a post-truth world. Lies are everywhere. And we are spending critical time and energy arguing whether facts exist, not what to do about them.


Scientists are on the front line, as generating facts and information is our mission. However, science communication in this country is a problem. Journalists and politicians typically know limited science, while the scientists are not trained in communicating their work to these people (consider the current disconnect between science and the anti-vax movement). This certificate aims to provide our science students with a collection of classes designed to help bridge this gap.


This certificate combines scientific communication modes (statistics and visualization) with more traditional modes (verbal and written).


This certificate requires 6 classes (18-26 credits) spread among 6 different areas: quantitative representation, written dissemination, verbal dissemination, visualization, one elective, and a culminating experience.


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For more information contact: Dr. Robert Hickey, Coordinator of the Science Dissemination Certificate and Professor of Geography. or 509-963-2178

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