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Science Honors

College of the Sciences

Research Proposal

Project Description (maximum of 5 typed pages, double-spaced, 12 point-font, 1 inch margins):

  1. Title of Project. List a brief title that describes the project.
  2. Goals and Objectives. List the objectives and what the research proposed in this application is intended to accomplish, e.g., to test a stated hypothesis, solve a specific problem, or develop new technology. One-half page is recommended.
  3. Background and Significance. Briefly discuss the background leading to the present application, critically evaluate existing knowledge (using literature citations), and specifically identify the gaps in knowledge that the project intends to fill. Concisely state the importance of the research described in the application by relating the background to the objectives.One page is recommended.
  4. Research Design and Methods. Describe the research design and the procedures to be used to accomplish the objectives of the project. Include how the data will be collected, analyzed, and interpreted. Describe any new methodology that will be used. Discuss potential difficulties and limitations of the proposed procedures and alternative approaches that could be used to achieve the objectives. As part of this section, provide a tentative sequence or timetable for the project. Point out any procedures, situations, or materials that may be hazardous to personnel and the precautions that will be taken. Two to three pages are recommended.
  5. Dissemination Plan. State where and when the results will be presented to the scientific community and to the CWU campus community. One short paragraph is recommended.
  6. Literature Cited. Cite the peer-reviewed literature used to develop the background and significance of the project. Citations from internet pages are not considered peer-reviewed and must not make up the majority of the references. Literature citations are not included in the page limit.
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