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Science Honors

Program Goal

The goal of the CWU Science Honors Research Program is to prepare scholar/researchers to contribute to their profession through graduate study or professional employment.

This goal is addressed through an experience-based inquiry-driven learning process which includes:

  1. Mentored relationship with a faculty member,
  2. Development of a highly competitive research proposal,
  3. Learning the basis of research methods and issues through two honors seminars,
  4. Engaging in two years of mentored research,
  5. Preparation of a written honors thesis, and
  6. Oral presentation of the honors thesis before a professional audience.

Most of the SHRP students present the results of their research at scientific conferences, and many of the theses are published in peer-reviewed journals. Click Here for a listing of our students' presentations and publications

The significance of this program is the development of scholars who serve the needs of society through advances made in their professions.