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Science Honors

College of the Sciences

Program Goal

The goal of the CWU Science Honors Research Program was to prepare scholar/researchers to contribute to their profession through graduate study or professional employment.

This goal was addressed through an experience-based inquiry-driven learning process which includes:

  1. Mentored relationship with a faculty member,
  2. Development of a highly competitive research proposal,
  3. Learning the basis of research methods and issues through two honors seminars,
  4. Engaging in two years of mentored research,
  5. Preparation of a written honors thesis, and
  6. Oral presentation of the honors thesis before a professional audience.

Most of the SHRP students present the results of their research at scientific conferences, and many of the theses are published in peer-reviewed journals. Click Here for a listing of our students' presentations and publications

The significance of this program was the development of scholars who serve the needs of society through advances made in their professions.

The goals of the Science Honors Research Program are now being addressed by the Douglas Honors College and the COTS Summer Undergraduate Research Experience program (SURE).


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