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Science Honors

College of the Sciences

Past SHRP Projects

All SHRP thesis are bound, and can be found in the CWU Brooks Library.

For a complete bibliography of student publications and presentations, click here.

In addition to completing a thesis,  SHRP students present the results of their research at national and international scientific conferences, and many publish in peer-reviewed journals.

2013-14 Cohort

James BrownDr. Steve HackenbergerAnthropologyRadiocarbon Dating of Bioapatite from Calcine Bone: Western Washington
Eric ContrerasDr. Levente Fabry-AsztalosChemistrySynthesis towards straight chain Borinic Acids as Potential HIV-1 Protease
Casey CroshawDr. Jennifer DechaineBiologyNatural selection in hybrid zones of Balsamorhiza species in central Washington.
Lianne A DayDrs. Lubinski and HackenbergerAnthropologyTaphonic Analysis of mammal Bone from an Early rockshelter in Hell's Canyon, Idaho
Melissa PiddeDr. Dominic KlyveMathematicsThe Entropy of Number-Theoretic Functions
William RayDr. Gil BelofskyChemistry/BiologyComprehensive Analysis of Dalea ornata Secondary Metabolites for Anti-Parasitic and Other Potential Biological Activities



2012-13 Cohort


StudentMentorDepartmentProject Title
Laura AdamsDr. Holly PinkartBiologyEnvironmental Gradients as Drivers of Virus-Mediated Microbial Evolution
Gabrielle CavanaughDr. Carey GazisGeologySource(s) of High Concentrations of Atmospheric Nitrate in the Lower Yakima Valley
Cierra MillerDr. Todd KrollChemistryRole of Protein-Protein Interactions in the Specification of Specialized Neocortical Areas: A Closer Look at Transcription Fatores Emx2 and QKI-7
Kerry OlivierDr. Mike JacksonPhysicsDiscovery of Far-Infrared Laser Emissions from Opticallly Pumped CH318OH, 13CH3)H, CD3OD, and 13CD3OD
James SiegenthalerDrs. Steven Chamberland and Dion RiveraChemistryTotal Synthesis of a Urea Analogue of Clavatidine A
Amanda Kay TompkinsDr. Alison ScovilleBiologyAdaptation Mechanisms of Dapnhia melanica to Ultraviolet Radiation
Jesse WaltersDr. Chris MattinsonGeologyModeling Pressure Temperature Paths for Ultra High Pressure Rocks: Western China


2011-12 cohort participants and projects


Research Project



Courtney Batts

The Impact of Eco-tourism on Infant and Juvenile Play behaviors in Tibetan Macaques (Macaca thibetana)

Dr. Steve Wagner


Kayla Berg

Black Carbon Concentrations from an Ice Core from Tupungatito Glacier in the Central Andes

Dr. Susan Kaspari


Michael Blue

The Effects of Maternal Sex-biases on Dominance Hierarchies among Dispersed Male Tibetan Macaques (macaca thibetana)

Dr. Lori Sheeran

Anthropology/ PBE

Stephanie Conn

The Total Synthesis of Clavatadine A

Dr. Steve Chamberland


Andrea Faulkner

Synthesis of Boronated Amino Acid Analogs: Precursors for Potential HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors

Dr. Levente Fabry-Astalos


Fernando Galvan

Plants of the Northwestern United States: A Proposal to Expand Collection and Biological Testing of Extracts

Dr. Gil Belofsky


Erik Garcia

Inferring Phylogenetic Relationships in the Conifer Family Cupressaceae

Dr. Linda Raubeson


Julia Jennings

Towards the synthesis of a 1,3 Azaborine as a potential HIV-1 Protease Inhibitor

Dr. Levente Fabry-Astalos


Joseph Keeney

Holocene House Hunting: Using Season-Sensitive Muti-Spectral Imagery for Locating Prehistoric Human Dwellings

Dr. Bob Hickey


Sarah McNutt

Anthelmintic Activity of Plant Extracts on the hookworm, Ancylostoma ceylanicum

Dr. Blaise Dondji


Estanislado Vargas

Zooarchaelogy of the Middle Columbia River: Analysis of Animal Remains from Sites 45KT12 and 45KT13

Dr. Steve Hackenberger


Mark Weidenaar

Rock Glaciers in the Eastern Cascade Range,Washington

Dr. Karl Lillquist



2010-11 cohort participants and projects

Sami Abdul-Wahid Development and application of a 3-D finite elelment model for the prediction of skull resonance frequency shifts due to changes in intracranial pressureAndew PiacsekPhysics  
Rachel Beckstrom Effects of maternal separation on adult responses to alcohol in miceKara GabrielPsychology  
Amanda Berndt The Role of CD4+ T cells in Mediating Resistance to Hookworm InfectionBlaise DondjiBiology  
Jennifer Groves Identification of proteins that interact with the transcription factor Emx2 to influence the size of neocortical functional areasTodd KrollChemistry  
Sara Healas Altitudinal Variation of Freeze Tolerance in the Pacific Chorus frog, Pseudacris regillaJason IrwinBiology  
Jesus Iniguez Investigating the role of calineurin in axon growth and development in retinal neuronsDan SelksiBiology  
Aaron John A survey of the chemical content and medicinal activity of species of the Genus Eriogonum of the Northwest United StatesGil BelofskyChemistry  
Brad Pitcher The evolution and structure of the historical magma plumbing system beneath Mt. Etna, SicilyWendy BohrsonGeology  
Sarah Smith Green Fluorescent progein tagging of the Trypanosoma cruzi flagellumGabrielle StrykerBiology  
Jessica Trappmann Effect of fatty acid ratios and retinoids on breast cancer progressionSusan HawkNEHS  
Amanda Valera Investigating the effects of bisphenol A and di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate on mitochondria and dopaminergic neurons in a C. elegans Parkinson's disease modelCarin ThomasChemistryLucinda CarnellBiology


2009-10 cohort participants and projects

Student nameFaculty mentorProject title
Adam AlmanDion Rivera (Chemistry)Polyelectrolyte-bound zinc sulfide quantum dot and titanium dioxide nanoparticle gel in the development of photoelectrochemical cells
Steven ChrismaLucinda Carnell (Biology)Analysis of electrotaxis behavior in C. elegans
Donald ClaytonLevente Fabry-Asztalos (Chemistry)Synthesis of a novel borinic acid as a potential HIV-1 protease inhibitor
Michael FelixKara Gabriel (Psychology)Differences in Performance on Actual and Quasi three dimension (3d) mental roation tasks
Laura GinnLori Sheeran (Anthropology) and Megan Matheson (Psychology)The influence of affilitative relations on copulation strategies in Tibetan Macaques
Rosa RabinovitzAnthony Diaz (Chemistry)Investigating the function of Gd3+ in (Y,Gd)B)3:Eu3+ through measurements of host-to-activator transfer efficiency
John SchreiberGil Belofsky (Chemistry)Natural products from plants of the Pacific Northwest for overcoming multi-drug reistant microorganisms
Josh SvaldiAudrey Huerta (Geology)Crustal Thickness beneath the Marie Byrd Land Dome, Antarctica, and it's Implications


2008-09 cohort participants and projects

Student nameFaculty mentorProject title
Heather DurkeeDion Rivera (Chemistry)Kinetic studies of the formation of zinc based quantum dot materials with green fluorescence
Ashley DuttonLinda Raubeson (Biology)Characterization of cycad chloroplast genomes with analyses of molecular evolution
Kevin EwellAndy Piacsek (Physics)A numerical study of the effect of near shore bathymetry and coastal topography on tsunami wave height and inundation
Zach LessigJason Irwin (Biology)Factors affecting the supercooling ability of the Northern Scorpion, Paruroctanus boreus
Rusty MannAnthony Diaz (Chemistry)CaWO4 thin film synthesis and deposition via H2WO4 and CaCl2 precipitation reaction
Annika NieberAnne Johannsen (Chemistry) and Jim Johnson (Biology)Toxic effects of urban particulate matter of various size fractions on an in vitro model of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Travis PetersenMike Jackson (Physics)Discovery and frequency measurement of far-infrared laser emissions from optically pumped 13CHD2OH
Sara RosarioCarin Thomas (Chemistry)The effects of Buckminster Fullerenes on mitochondrial function
Bret RustDavid Gee (HHPN)Metabolic effects of catechin polyphenols and caffeine on weight loss
Sean ScottWendy Bohrson (Geology)Processes controlling magma chamber evolution at Mt. Rainier, Washington


2007-08 cohort participants and projects

Student NameFaculty MentorProject TitleDepartment
Ryan AtkinsAnthony DiazSynthesis and characterization of SrY2O4Eu3+Chemistry
Amanda BlackmoreLevente Fabry-AsztalosSynthesis of novel cyclic boronated potential HIV-1 protease inhibitorsChemistry
Christopher GaulkeSteve WagnerMechanisms of mortality of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in amphibiansBiology
Stacie CearleyLisa Ely and Steve HackenbergerAnalysis and geology setting of the Pratum MammothGeology and Anthropology
Michael HaseDion RiveraIn Situ ATR FT-IR spectroscopy coupled with multivariate least squares analysis for the study of polyelctrolytes and surfactant systems at the TiO2 / water interfaceChemistry
Kathren HowarthCarey GazisA study of soil water flux differences at three locations in Ellensburg, WAGeology
Corrie MurrayPaul JamesOntogenetic changes in feeding morphology and diet in the Chiselmouth minnow, Acrocheilus alutaceusBiology
Jesse L. NyeLevente Fabry-AsztalosSynthesis of 5,6-Dihydropyran-2-ones as potential inhibitors of HIV-1 proteaseChemistry
Jessica D. NyeDavid GeeValidation of a bioelectrical impdeance analysis equation predicting body composition using conductor length instead of heightHHPN/Nutrition
Terry YenterLori Sheeran and Megan MathesonSelf-directed behaviors in Tibetan macaques (Macaca thibetana) as a function of tourist density, tourist proximity, and the presencs of alliesAnthropology


2006-07 cohort participants and projects

Student NameFaculty MentorProject TitleDepartment
Badi Abdul-WahidLevente Fabry-AsztalosThe Rational design of novel Plasmodium falciparum Plasmepsin IV inhibitors, aided by a fuzzy neural networkChemistry
Tajinder HeerLevente Fabry-AsztalosSynthesis of novel norinic acid HIV-1 dual-mode protease inhibitorsChemistry
William KleinEric BullockConstructing, programming, and testing a scanning tunneling microscope for studying molecular self-assembly at surfaces.Chemistry
Michelle LesterSteve WagnerConservation genetics and demography of chinese amphibiansBiology
Skip McCoyLinda RaubesonAnalysis of the Welwitschia chloroplast genome and its phylogenetic implications.Biology
James MullenDavid LamanTriplet-Triplet annihilation in isolated conjugated polymer chainsPhysics
Michelle TebbePaul HoskinCompositional variation in agate: a test of open versus closed-system formationGeology
Tabitha TrosperLisa ElyImplications of regional climate change and volcanism on the geomorphic environment of La Alberca, Michoacan, Mexico.Geology
Jason WallinLori Sheeran and MaryLee JensvoldThe differential use of American Sign Language during incidents of play, laughter, and humor by cross-fostered chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)Anthropology
Josie WellsCarin ThomasIs mitochondrial lipid peroxdiation initiated by atomospheric ultrafine particles?Chemistry
Kalyn YeagerHarry PapadopolousSeniors physical activity community evaluation (SPACE) projectHHPN/Exercise Science


2005-06 cohort participants and projects

Student NameFaculty MentorProject TitleDepartment
Jonathan BetzTom CottrellThe role of fire disturbance in weed invasion of forest plant communities.Biology
Heather BilesLevente Fabry-AsztalosThe effects of force field and charge on molecular modeling: a volumetric study to find the perfect model for Cathepsin-D ligands.Chemistry
Liane FernyhoughVirginia Bennett / David GeeA comparative study of the dietary intake of Mexican women in Michoacan and Mexican-American women.Nutrition, CEPS
Katharine GilliamPaul HoskinInvestigation of the origin of acid mine drainage and the fate of dissolved metals in surface waters, Whatcom and Snohomish Counties, Washington.Geology
Lindsay GroceAnthony DiazNew phosphors for modern display applications.Chemistry
Lindy MullenSteve WagnerImplications of torrent salamander respiration for conservation and the evolution of lunglessness.Biology
Nicholas SalimLevente Fabry-AsztalosNew techniques for molecular modeling: using neural networks and Sybyl to predict biological activity.Chemistry
Anthony SmithAndrew PiacsekWave propagation through a tensegrity structure.Physics


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