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Science and Mathematics Education

College of the Sciences

Middle Level

Science Education offers the Science: Middle Level Education BA for endorsement in middle school science (grades 4-9). See description and requirements below.



Why should you choose to major in Middle Level Science Teaching?

  • Career opportunities: middle school science teachers are in very high demand.
  • Make a difference: most kids who lose interest in science do so in middle school, work to change that by becoming an excellent science teacher.
  • Broad science interests: middle school science involved teaching all aspects of the sciences, you don't have to pick just one.

This major pairs especially well with the Mathematics: Middle Level Education BA and the STEM Teaching Program minor.  


Description and requirements

This major partially satisfies the criteria for a teaching endorsement in Middle Level Science (4-9), qualifying students to teach science at the middle school or junior high levels. It may also be appropriate for students preparing to teach in informal science education settings, such as museums. Students who successfully complete the Science: Middle Level Education, BA and STEM Teaching Program Minor (an alternative to the Professional Education Program) are eligible to apply for Washington State teacher certification. Teacher certification candidates must receive a C grade or higher in all major and STEM Teaching Program courses, have a GPA of at least 3.0 for either the last 45 graded quarter credits or overall CWU/transfer cumulative, and meet all Washington State teacher certification requirements. See the middle level science and STEM Teaching advisors as soon as possible to develop a course of study.

Visit the online catalog for a current list of courses for this major.   Talk to an advisor today!



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