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Scholarship Central

List of available scholarships

This is a current list of CWU Foundation and Departmental Scholarships that can be found in Scholarship Central when the application period is open. The award amounts are estimates and can change depending on available funding.

Title Department Amount
3M SHM (Safety and Health Management) Scholarship [Formerly Capital Safety] Safety and Health Management $1,644
A. Bert Christianson Scholarship Music $560
A. James Hawkins Children's Theatre Award Theatre Arts $1,000
Abe & Pauline Moawad Jazz Saxophone Music Scholarship Music $910
Accounting Scholarship Accounting $600
Actuarial Science Scholarship Mathematics $500
Adeline Family Scholarship Education $1,300
Albert E. Gerritz Memorial Scholarship Education $500
Alfred D. and Genevieve E. Gallucci Education Scholarship Education $500
Alfred D. and Genevieve E. Gallucci Music Scholarship Music $1,000
Alumni Past President Scholarship Alumni Relations $500
Amanda K. Hebeler Scholarship Education $900
American Indian Studies Scholarship Anthropology $1,000
Amy Marie Castner Scholarship Law and Justice $5,641
Anonymous Actuarial Science Scholarship Mathematics $900
Anonymous Literature and Science Scholarship Financial Aid $3,959
Art & Design Excellence Scholarship Art and Design $6,047
Arthur and Doreen Parrett Scholarship Financial Aid $2,750
Athletic Hall of Fame Scholarship Wildcat Athletics $300
Beavers Heavy Construction Scholarship Construction Management $2,000
Ben & Nancy Remak Scholarship Law and Justice Tuition
Bennetsen Scholarship Economics $5,000
Berg-Albrecht Scholarship Education $2,797
Beth Kohler Bardwell Memorial Scholarship Physical Education $1,000
Betty Evans Shakespeare Scholarship Theatre Arts $29,000
Biella Foundation Scholarship Financial Aid $4,000
Bill & Carol Driver Scholarship Wildcat Athletics $500.00
Bill & Lora Stovall Scholarship Financial Aid $2,000
Bill Owen Actuarial Scholarship Mathematics $1,000
BiMart Corporation Scholarship College of Business $3,000
Bird Ruth Phi Kappa Phi Financial Aid $1,000
Bob and Marilyn Greenway Scholarship Financial Aid $1,500
Bob Hope Scholarship Financial Aid $444
Boeing Aviation Scholarship Aviation $1,500
Boeing College of Business General Scholarship College of Business $2,000
Boeing Computer Science Scholarship Computer Science $2,388
Boeing ETSC Construction Management Scholarship Construction Management $1,500
Boeing ETSC MET EET Scholarship Engineering Technologies $1,600
Boeing ETSC SHM Scholarship Safety and Health Management $2,000
Boeing ITAM Scholarship Information Technology & Administrative Management Varies
Braden Dodd Memorial Scholarship Military Science - ROTC $2,500
Braden-Dodd Memorial Graduate Fellowship in Resource Management Geography $1,000
Bronwen Hatton Scholarship Education $1,000
Captain David A. Cratsenberg Scholarship Military Science - ROTC $1,000
Captain Patrick Welch AFROTC Scholarship Air Force ROTC $1,500
Carla Kaatz Horn Scholarship Music $1,500
Carolyn Schactler Scholarship Apparel $582
Catering Scholarship Financial Aid $231
Catherine H. Craft Scholarship Education $678
Catherine Hall Moe Graduate Scholarship in Art and Design Art and Design $11,296
Catherine Hall Moe Scholarship in Education Education $5,100
CDK Construction Safety Scholarship Construction Management $1,500
Central Investment Fund Scholarship (CIF) Financial Aid $2,321
Charles & Georgianna LaRiviere Scholarship Financial Aid $1,100
Charles Berrisford Art Scholarship Art and Design $405
Charles C. Adams Scholarship Accounting $6,000
Charles W. Wright Memorial Scholarship for Academic Excellence Education $2,382
Chester Z. Keller Scholarship for Philosophy and Religious Studies Philosophy and Religious Studies $647
Children of CWU Alumni Scholarship Alumni Relations $550
Christine Rae Gaudino Scholarship Financial Aid $681
Christophersen, Downing, Sammer and Stedman Scholarship College of Business $1,376
Clareta Olmstead Smith Scholarship History $1,730
College of Business General Scholarship College of Business $1,600
Comstock Distinguished Thesis Graduate Studies $1,000
Construction Management Advisory Council Scholarship Construction Management $3,000
Corrine Farrell Distinguished Fellowship in Biology Biology $735
COSTCO Scholarship College of Business $5,000
COTS Environmental Scholarship College of the Sciences $500
Cross Family Scholarship Financial Aid $1,361
CWU Alumni Association Departmental Scholarship Alumni Relations $1,000
CWU Board of Trustees Scholarship Financial Aid $2,132
CWU Foundation Board Scholarship Financial Aid $1,087
CWU Retirement Association (CWURA) Graduate Student Scholarship Graduate Studies $1,500
Cynthia K. Pearson Accounting Scholarship Accounting $2,363
Daily Record Journalism Scholarship Communications $2,000
Dale & Mary Jo Comstock Scholarship Mathematics $2,400
Dale and Dorothy Jaques Scholarship Financial Aid $5,772
Dan Jack Dream Catcher Scholarship Alumni Relations $460
Danton Scholarship College of Business $1,500
David and TJ Schelert Scholarship Accounting $535
Day Family Scholarship College of Business $5,127
Deloris and Rolland Dewing Scholarship Financial Aid $660
Dennis and Nancy Wilson Archaeology Scholarship Anthropology $1,000
Dennis W. Farrell Pre-Medicine Scholarship College of the Sciences $8,970
Dionysia and James Pappas Study Abroad Scholarship Study Abroad $400
DocuSign Scholarship Computer Science $10,000
Dohn Miller Scholarship Special Education $1,371
Donald & Verna (Shriner) Duncan Community Service Scholarship Civic Engagement $1,000
Donald G. Goetschius Scholarship Wildcat Athletics $500
Donna Quist Baha'i Scholarship Financial Aid $1,879
Dorothy Dean Memorial Scholarship Chemistry $500
Doug and Sharon Andrews Scholarship Alumni Relations $750
Dr. Elizabeth Street Scholarship for Applied Behavior Analysis Psychology $613
Dr. Joyce Wade Gibbons Scholarship Financial Aid $1,500
Dustin J. Kidd Japanese Language Scholarship World Languages $639
Dyveke Maurer Memorial Graduate Fellowship in Education Education $3,500
Dyveke Maurer Memorial Scholarship Education $1,775
Ed & Karen Reich Award in Academic and Athletic Excellence Wildcat Athletics $500
Education Department Scholarship Education $408
Edward V. Peck Memorial Brass Scholarship Music $1,000
Ella Gladys Lutz Scholarship Safety and Health Management $1,000
Ellensburg Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Ellensburg Chamber of Commerce $500
Elliott Family Scholarship Science Education $1,639
Elmer T. Frederick Memorial Music Scholarship Music $526
Elwood Manor Scholarship Financial Aid $1,431
Ena Harris Berger Scholarship Alumni Relations $693
Erin Klotz Memorial Scholarship Music $578
Ethnic Diversity Scholarship Financial Aid $827
Eugene J. Kosy Scholarship Information Technology & Administrative Management $1,652
Fabyn B. Hanson Scholarship College of Business $2,000
Ferne Daniel Scholarship Education $1,730
Fiorella & Carlos Martin Scholarship World Languages $521
Fisher Companies Scholarship Construction Management $1,000
Fluke Industrial Engineering Scholarship Engineering Technologies $700
Frances Kilkenny Peek Scholarship Education $1,695
Fred Meyer Scholarship Financial Aid $3,812
French and German Scholarship World Languages $481
Garrity Scholarship Financial Aid $1,110
Gary Brown Scholarship Education $1,100
Gary Frederick Baseball Scholarship Wildcat Athletics $500
Gary Frederick Softball Scholarship Wildcat Athletics $900
Gary Heesacker Scholarship in Accounting Accounting $1,000
Gary L. Reynolds Spirit Fellowship Psychology $3,000
Gary R. Hansen Scholarship Financial Aid $2,100
GeoEngineers Graduate Fellowship in Geology Geology $2,000
George and Dorothy Connell Mulinski Scholarship Disability Support Services Tuition
George and Mary Ann Macinko Geography Scholarship Geography $600
Gladys H. Hart Teacher Scholarship Education $437
Grace Chapter #105, Order of the Eastern Star Scholarship Financial Aid $662
Gray Family Scholarship Financial Aid $1,100
Greg LeClair Scholarship College of Business $2,500
Hal Wolf Scholarship College of Business $1,887
Harold and Marjorie Williams Scholarship College of Business $2,172
Harold and Martha Barto Scholarship History $11,500
Heather D. DeHart Music Scholarship Music $1,550
Hensler-Moore Scholarship in Economics Economics $3,744
Herbert Bird Music Scholarship Music $1,218
Howard Family Scholarship Science Education $1,083
Hultquist Distinguished Service Award in Geography Geography $500
Hunter Hamilton Scholarship Wildcat Athletics $6,200
ITAM Scholarship Information Technology & Administrative Management $1,000
Ivory V. Nelson Graduate Fellowship Chemistry $1,900
J & A Carrico Scholarship Financial Aid $580
Jack Dugan Sociology Scholarship Sociology $750
James and Lillian Brooks/Reginald and Isabel Shaw Geography Scholarship Geography $2,500
Jason and Rakhee Phelps Scholarship College of Business $1,000
Jazz Scholarship Music $1,000
Jeannette M. Hart Scholarship Financial Aid $1,351
Jere Cary Industrial Education Scholarship Engineering Technologies $750
Jerry & Gail Jones Alumni Scholarship Chemistry $1,000
Jim Adams Memorial Scholarship Aviation $2,100
John & Kathleen Bezold Scholarship College of Business $1,120
John A. Shoudy Scholarship Music $1,000
John and Jan Ludtka Scholarship Communications $2,150
John Austin Kern Scholarship Wildcat Athletics $500
John Drinkwater Leadership Scholarship ASCWU $500
John F. Connolly Memorial Scholarship Art and Design $500
John Joseph Collins Memorial Scholarship Physics $2,912
John Moawad Jazz Scholarship Music $1,000
John P. Munson Scholarship Financial Aid $1,378
Jones Elementary Music Education Scholarship Music $455
Joseph Kelleher Scholarship Financial Aid $1,011
Joseph P. & Gillian A. Stoltman Scholarship Geography $2,000
Joyce L. Johnson Scholarship Education $541
Judith Kleck & Joseph Powell Scholarship English $537
Kamola Honors Scholarship Financial Aid $1,700
Ken Adams Scholarship Aviation $339
Kenneth Keener Scholarship Education $1,031
Kevin "Jiggy Tiggy" Tighe Memorial Scholarship in Film and Video Studies Film and Video Studies $1,109
Kittitas Audubon Society Scholarship Biology $2,500
Kollmorgen Family Emergency Grants Emergency Funds $500
Larry Gookin Wind Ensemble Scholarship Music $390
Larry L. Pinnt Scholarship Financial Aid $2,529
Leo and Dean Nicholson Basketball Scholarship Wildcat Athletics $1,000
Lillian Bloomer Memorial Scholarship Douglas Honors College $1,000
Lillian Clark Canzler Scholarship Education $1,600
Linda S. Storey Scholarship College of Business $2,500
Loma Linda Orchard Scholarship Education $500
Loran and Sheila Kollmorgen Scholarship Music $1,550
M. Alice Brock Scholarship Financial Aid $1,063
Margaret Loseth Westphal and Verna Loseth Scholarship Education $1,300
Marilyn and Darwin Goodey Memorial Scholarship Financial Aid $1,309
Marilyn E. Cammack Scholarship Music $385
Marit Thomas Rhoads Graduate Fellowship Education $5,000
Marit Thomas Rhoads Scholarship Education Tuition, Fees, and Books
Mark Johnson Political Science Scholarship Political Science $2,556
Martin Kaatz Geography Scholarship Geography $1,500
Mary Estep Scholarship Music $930
Masters in Education Scholarship Education Varies
Masters of Professional Accountancy Alumni Scholarship Accounting $500
Matthew Trinkle Memorial Scholarship Campus Recreation $1,000
McIntyre-Smith Scholarship Financial Aid $2,087
Men & Women of the Fifties Scholarship Alumni Relations $1,000
Merrick Athletic Scholarship Wildcat Athletics $2,000
Merrick Recruitment Scholarship Financial Aid $1,394
Mike Dunbar Memorial Football Scholarship Wildcat Athletics $500
Milo Smith Memorial Scholarship Theatre Arts $1,000
Minority and 1st Generation Scholarship Financial Aid $1,601
Morton Sisters Scholarship Education $1,716
Muckleshoot Scholarship Financial Aid $2,000
Music Scholarship Music $1,100
N. May Spurling Jankowski Memorial Education Scholarship Education $1,464
Nancy and Ben Remak History Scholarship History $10,000
Neal and Linda Ottmar Scholarship Education $1,000
Ned Behnke Graduate Fellowship Art and Design $1,500
Nell K. Irion Memorial Scholarship Financial Aid $588
Norine Gann Scholarship Education $1,169
North Coast Electric Scholarship Financial Aid $2,500
Olive Irelan Scholarship Alumni Relations $350
Opera Scholarship Music $1,250
Owen J. Shadle Memorial Industrial Education Scholarship Engineering Technologies $1,000
Owen R. Pratz Scholarship Psychology $700
Patt Haley Emergency Grants Emergency Funds $500
Paul E. LeRoy History Scholarship History $9,200
Peter & Margret Gries Scholarship Music $1,000
Phil Dumas Biology Scholarship Biology $972
Philosophy and Religious Studies Founding Faculty Scholarship Philosophy and Religious Studies $1,782
Physics Scholarship Physics $1,211
Presser Foundation Scholarship Music $4,000
Puget Sound Energy Graduate Fellowship in Geology Geology $2,000
Puyallup Tribe of Indians Scholarship Financial Aid $1,000
R. Everett Watson Scholarship Music $1,500
Ralph & Beverly Sager Music Education Scholarship Music $1,150
Ralph A. Conner Family Accounting Scholarship Accounting $1,338
Ray and Katie Conner Scholarship Financial Aid $5,000
Raymond B. and Adeline G. Posch Scholarship Financial Aid $1,489
Richard Miller Education Scholarship Education $1,000
Robert D. Bentley Scholarship Geology $2,255
Robert E. & Alma E. McConnell Scholarship Education $917
Robert M. Panerio, Sr. Trumpet Scholarship Music $853
Robert Steele Funderburk Memorial Scholarship Music $6,047
Ronald A. Williams Scholarship Biology $1,000
Ronald E. and Pauline M. Sargent Scholarship Financial Aid $1,504
Roy and Isabel Tullis Library Education Scholarship Education $5,561
Roy and Isabel Tullis Library Student Employee Scholarship Library $3,029
RSM Accounting Scholarship Accounting $500
Rudolph & Jimi Vernie Scholarship Financial Aid $1,445
Ruth Harrington Luncheon Scholarship Financial Aid $900
Ruth Harrington Luncheon Single Parent Scholarship Financial Aid $1,500
Ryan Patrick Dacy Memorial Scholarship College of Business $1,220
S. Sterling Munro, Jr. Scholarship Political Science $1,411
Sally Wagner Piano Scholarship Music $1,000
Sam R. & Mary B. Mohler Scholarship Financial Aid $802
Schaake Athletic Scholarship Wildcat Athletics $4,000
Schaake Music Scholarship Music $1,100
Schaake Scholars Scholarship Music $2,650
Second Chance - A New Beginning Scholarship Alumni Relations $500
Sharon Rosell Award for Outstanding Contributions to Physics Outreach Physics $1,455
Silver Sliver Award Wildcat Athletics $500
Stephanie T. Frederick Scholarship Accounting $593
Steven and Jennifer Miller Scholarship Music $284
Study Abroad & Exchange Scholarship Study Abroad $500
Sunnfjord Scholarship Financial Aid $1,242
Swinerton Foundation Construction Management Annual Scholarship Construction Management $1,500
Swinerton Safety and Health Management Annual Scholarship Safety and Health Management $2,000
TD Ameritrade PFP Scholarship College of Business $1,000
Teacher Education Scholarship Education $1,150
Tekla Askegaard Hertz Scholarship Music $847
Theatre Arts Scholarship Theatre Arts $1,614
Todd Anderson Scholarship Rodeo Club $1,250
Tom & Mary Jane Parry Football Scholarship Wildcat Athletics $5,000
Tom and Wendy Dingus Accounting Scholarship Fund College of Business $1,000
Tom Gause Trumpet Scholarship Music $2,000
Tri-City Construction Council Scholarship Construction Management $1,667
TRUEcommitment Scholarship for CWU Athletics Wildcat Athletics $2,500
Tulalip Tribes Scholarship Financial Aid $1,000
US Bank Maxx Leadership Scholarship ASCWU $1,500
Usha Mahajani International Student Honor Scholarship International Studies and Programs $300
Vera Franklin Deaton Scholarship Emergency Funds $500
Verna (Shriner) and Donald Duncan Music Education Scholarship Music $1,000
Virginia Funkley Ward Education Scholarship Education $1,275
Vivian Hogue Graduate Fellowship Education $2,200
W. J. Pennington Scholarship Information Technology & Administrative Management $859
W.A. and Dora Cissell Music Scholarship Music $1,000
Walter R. Kaminski Memorial Scholarship Mechanical Engineering $500
Warren Street Douglas Honors College Thesis Scholarship Douglas Honors College $1,443
Warren Street Psychology Scholarship Psychology $663
Washington Association of Licensed Public Accountants and Washington Tax Conference (WALPA) Scholarship Accounting $3,172
Waymon "Skip" Ware Memorial Scholarship Financial Aid $200
Wayne S. Hertz Scholarship Music $1,420
Wildcat Athletic Scholarship Wildcat Athletics Varies
William and Jackie Wallace Industrial Education Scholarship Engineering Technologies $2,000
William D. Floyd Scholarship Education $581
William Owen Dugmore Music Scholarship Music $500
William Seraile Scholarship Financial Aid $1,000
Willis R. Strange Hustle Scholarship Wildcat Athletics $4,500
Wolfgang and Joyce Franz Scholarship Economics $1,115
Women In Law Enforcement Memorial Fund Law and Justice $513
Work Safe Institute Safety and Health Management Scholarship Safety and Health Management $1,000
World Languages Faculty Scholarship World Languages $702
Yakima Federal Savings and Loan Association Scholarship Financial Aid $763
Zelma L. Burke Scholarship Education $1,452
Zimmerman Family Music Scholarship Music $2,016

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